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Don't forget to also watch Part I of The War for Talent  -- The Real Cost of Employee Turnover.

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What's the best digital training program for restaurant staff?
Restaurants that are seeing the biggest boost in profits are the ones investing in training their staff. The good news is digital training doesn't have to be a pain or break your bank. Here's how to do it right.

Hack #007 - Engage your staff by cross-training them
Cross-train your restaurant staff to engage your employees and build your businesses future leaders.

Spend 5 hours per week learning online [Hack #038]
It's important to spend some time each week to further your education to keep your skills -- both business and otherwise -- sharp.

Creating managers with ongoing education
One of the most important aspects of any restaurant and bar is developing talent. This includes training staff, providing ongoing education, and nurturing leadership skills. The best restaurant and bar managers are developed from within organizations that give employees a strong foundation of knowledge and confidence.

Four lessons from Snoop Dogg's restaurant training videos
Just because you can't afford Snoop Dogg to train your staff, doesn't mean you can't learn from him.

Two unique ways to retain your kitchen staff
Retaining your talented chefs and line cooks isn't easy when the wage gap between BoH and FoH growing, and higher wages existing in other industries. Here's how two Boston operators are trying to keep their culinary gurus.

Why embracing technology is your best recruitment tool.
With how immersed Millennials are with technology, restaurants need to adapt the changing workforce or risk being left behind.

The hidden costs of employee turnover [Infographic]
Staff turnover isn't just costing you top talent, it's also bleeding your establishment dry of major profits.

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