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With the SportsTV Guide, you'll never have to tell a guest you're not sure if you can show a game or scramble for several minutes trying to find what station it's on. With the SportsTV Guide, you'll always know what games are on, at what times and on which stations.

It's easy to set up.

Setting up your Sports TV Guide is easy!

1. Enter your zip code. 
2. Enter your time zone. 
3. Choose your programming providers. 
4. Click "Go To My Guide" that's it!

It's easy to use.

Printing the guide is easy too:

1. Open your email.
2. Click "View Your Guide."
3. Click "Print Listing" and preview your guide.
4. Click the print icon.
5. Click "print" - And that's it!



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 Get the SportsTV Guide and your sports bar and sports-themed restaurant will always know what's on for sports!
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