The SportsTV Guide is a must-have for any bar or restaurant that owns more than one TV.

If you own more than one TV, then you're running a sports-themed bar or restaurant. With more than 8,000 TV stations broadcasting over 50,000 events a year, how can you possibly know what sports are on TV each and every day? 

The answer is simple -- the SportsTV Guide.

We let more than 30,000 bar and restaurant operators, just like you, know what's on for sports every single day.
And we deliver right to your inbox. Everyday.

The SportsTV Guide makes finding the sports, games, and channels your guests want easier.

We do the hard work so you don't have to

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We know you're drowning in requests. From helping staff to serving guests, no one wears more hats than you. Let the SportsTV Guide make at least one task easier. It'll save you time, money, and a lot of headaches!

With the SportsTV Guide, you'll never have to tell a guest you're not sure if you can show a game or scramble for several minutes trying to find what station it's on. You'll always know what games are on, at what times, and on which stations.


Customized to Your Location. Your Guide is customized to your area code and program providers, so you know exactly what you can show on your TVs.

View the Guide How You Want. You can view your Guide by Time or by Sport, and filter out the sports and channels you don't want to see.

Pick Your Favorites. You can highlight your favorite/preferred teams, so they appear in at the top of your Guide or in bold. Never miss the start of your favorites again. 

Choose Your Dates. You can look at the games for tonight, tomorrow, or even a future date range, so you can plan your staff scheduling properly.

Print Your Guide. Use our handy Print feature to create an easy-to-read PDF version that can be printed out and stashed where you need it --  behind the bar, at the hostess stand, and wherever else you change the stations.

Used by these award-winning sports bars & restaurants and major chains!

SportsTV Guide: Award Winning Sports Bars & Restaurants
SportsTV Guide: Used by these major restaurant chains.

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