The Daily Rail: Vegas Chefs Promise to Build a Wall... Of Taco Trucks

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


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[WATCH] Under 60 Seconds: Up Your Coffee Game, How to Use a French Press

A specialty coffee service is a great way to set your establishment apart. Use a French press to deliver quality coffee to guests without the waste. The individual pot adds that special something that adds delight and a unique personal touch. Give it a try! Learn how to use a French press in under 60 seconds.

READ: Are you sure your servers aren't committing credit card fraud?

We all want to believe that our staff members are perfect angels, but that’s not always the case. Server credit card fraud is becoming a regular news item. Don’t become a viral story. Here’s how to tackle server fraud.





The Most Basic of Sneakers

The PSL has expanded well beyond food and drink. It’s now going after your feet. Saucony has created a “Pumpkin Spice” Grid SD sneaker, which boasts the bold burnt orange look of a pumpkin, the roasted brown of coffee, and a leaf-shaped latte art on the tongue. Just don’t try licking it. Ick!


Great Wall of Tacos

Tacos and taco trucks continue to be the hot political item of the year. Culinary Union 226 has promised to build a wall of taco trucks outside the Trump International Las Vegas hotel – an obvious reference to Trump’s “Mexican Wall” comments from last year and the “taco on every corner” comment said by Trump surrogate, Marco Gutierrez. Culinary 226 has promised “at least five” taco trucks outside the hotel today.

The Power is Yours!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, is reportedly partnering with Paramount to make a Captain Planet movie. DiCaprio has been an outspoken proponent of green initiatives, so it feels like a perfect match. We’re just wondering if Captain Planet has kept the red booty shorts and halter top after all these years.



Why it matters to you: A new study shows millennials spend their money on ease and convenience.

There’s a new study from the Food Institute that analyzed data from 2014 on where the population spends their money. The study determined that up to 44% of the money spent by millennials on food goes toward eating out. Compare that to 40% on behalf of baby boomers. What does this mean exactly? Millennials are getting older, further along in their careers and are spending more money out, but not necessarily in sit down establishments.

Thanks to apps like Foodler, Grubhub and Seamless it’s never been easier to have food delivered to your door, but millennials are paying more overall thanks to delivery charges and delivery minimums. To stay competitive, look at the ease and convenience of ordering food at your establishment. It's clear people will spend more without thinking for convenience. Take advantage of this trend!



Why it matters to you: While you aren’t responsible for other people’s behavior, you certainly don’t want to be highlighted like this restaurant.

When you think of National Geographic, you probably think photos of stunning mountain scenes or images from the world’s beautiful rainforests. You don’t likely think of sting operation to catch people illegally parking in handicap spaces. Well, that exactly what this video shows in front of an Austin Texas restaurant. The leader of the clip tells of driving around in a disability van with 4 disabled folks in an attempt to shame a violator. They found their mark in front of Jack Allen’s and waited until she was about to leave to begin laboriously and slowly unloading the van.

The woman is suitably chastened by the scene, but what does it tell us about our responsibility here? That really depends on your relationship to the parking lot and how much energy you want to contribute to the policing of it. If you are the only resident operating in the lot then it might be up to you to deter people from illegally parking. And not just in handicap, but fire-lane and carry-out spaces as well. If you are one of many residents then you have a built-in excuse.



Why it matters to you: Connecting your specials to pop culture is a win for everyone

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things, then you know creepy can be taken to a whole new level. With Halloween just around the corner, the smarties at Netflix have released two perfect recipes for any of the shows fans: Demogorgon Pie and French Onion Barb. I know, right? Netflix offers a video recipe to accompany the idea which is almost as much fun as the show itself. This is a perfect invitation to leverage the success of a pop culture phenomenon for your business.

Why not make these great dishes specials on your menu for the week leading up to Halloween. Make sure you tell Netflix that you are offering them and document as guests gobble up their victims, uh, we mean their meals. Who knows, you might just get this one to go viral.