The Daily Rail: Change Your Menu, Change Yourself

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Today's Specials: 


GROW: Five Strategies to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

We know it’s not even Halloween yet, but if you want to promote your restaurant this holiday season, you need to prepare in advance. We have detailed five strategies that will help you prepare for this holiday season.


MARKETING: Five Reasons to Know What's on TV for Sports... Even If You're Not a Sports Bar

Not a sports bar? Think again. Here are five reasons why you need to know what's on TV for sports -- even if you're not a traditional sports bar.


GALLERY: The Spookiest of Restaurant Social Media

Halloween is right around the corner! Our Citizens of the Rail, as well as other top brands, have been posting creative content on their social feeds. We are highlighting posts this week that do a great job with channeling the spooky season.





The Ultimate Dessert Wine Guide

Here’s a cool infographic and guide to dessert wines, covering everything from sweetness level, alcohol content and ageability. Check it out. Your guests will thank you.


Extreme Makeover

Taco Bell is going extreme with their recycling. The nation’s first permanent shipping container Taco Bell outpost is ready for opening this fall. Shipping containers have become more popular as restaurant building material, according to Eater. This new Taco Bell location will be comprised of five cargo containers and feature outdoor-only seating, part of their company-wide green initiative.


Shutting Down La Mafia

Spain lost a legal battle with Italy over a Spanish restaurant’s name was “contrary to the accepted principles of morality.” The EU sided with Italy, saying Spain’s “La Mafia” restaurant shouldn’t be named after a criminal organization. “La Mafia” now needs to come up with a new name if it wants to remain open.




Why it matters to you: Aligning your business to your life can add a healthy benefit to both!

A Michigan restaurant owner has incorporated his healthy lifestyle change into his restaurant’s menu. Michael Kulczyk has been in the restaurant industry for years, but at 54, he found he didn’t have the energy to keep up. He changed his diet, lost 100 pounds and now has shifted the focus of his restaurant the Cherie Inn to promote healthiness.

Kulczyk reaped the rewards of a healthier lifestyle and now his restaurant will too. The restaurant veteran has worked with the local community and a new executive chef to create a vegan, oil-free and gluten-free menu that will incorporate more locally grown foods. In addition to the new menu, the restaurant will host nutrition discussions as well. With the new make-over, Kulczyk hopes to grow his already growing sales to $1 million this year!



Why it matters to you: Supporting your guests in sketchy situations is good for business.

Just “Ask for Angela”, is a creative new campaign and tool that’s starting in London, to help people in a sketchy situation feel safe. The poster, which you can view here, instructs people on a date or who feel weird to ask for “Angela” at the bar. The establishment will then help that person leave the bar and get home in a safe manner, with no fuss.

At a time when it seems there’s no justice for rape victims and a person with a history of assaulting women can run as a presidential candidate, a women’s personal safety is a huge concern. While we may not be any closer to making the world a safer place, we can certainly try. Initiatives like this are a blessing and training your staff to be aware of a weird situation will only improve your guests’ experience.