The Daily Rail: Did Subway Know About Jared's Pedophilia All Along?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Today's Specials:


MANAGE: To Add Gratuity or Not to Add Gratuity? That is the Question

Do you let your servers add gratuity to groups under five or eight? What if the guest brings in a coupon? A better question may be: Should you let staff add a service surcharge?


WATCH: How The Electoral College Works [Under 60 Seconds]

Learn what the Electoral College is, how it works and who makes up this important body of political figures... all in under 60 seconds.


GUIDE: Football Weekend TV Preview - Oct. 29-30

As Week 7 fades into Week 8 in the NFL, we heard more about Giants kicker Josh Brown than the performances on the field. This week’s primetime games, are unusually competitive and should finally promise some decent football.





Pizza Power

One guy brought peace to a couple of street pugilists with a couple of slices of pizza. For realz. Check it out here. We mean, how do you stop a street fight?



A Grand Slam Offer

Baby’s Cheesesteak in Chicago is offering free food for life in exchange for Cubs World Series tickets (which are currently going for at least $2,300). The restaurant is promising two free sandwiches every day for two tix. Have to imagine it’ll be just cheaper to buy the tix, right?


New Hit Beer Flavor?

Craft brew fans love weird flavors, and they’re about to get hit with one of the weirdest of them all – cookie dough beer. Ben & Jerry’s are teamed up with Protect Our Winters to create the brew, which is being made for charity. The flavor hits stores on Halloween.



Why it matters to you: A business has a responsibility to do no harm.

We all know why Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman is in prison, but now Subway itself is under scrutiny as a lawsuit has been filed by Fogle’s ex-wife who told reporters, “I have questions.” According to the suit, the plaintiff is alleging that Subway knew of Fogle's proclivities and didn't investigate claims.

Whether the allegations are true or not, this story is a good reminder that businesses have certain responsibilities and shouldn't turn a blind eye to bad behavior. A claim against an employee should always be investigated. 


Why it matters to you: Technology is transforming transportation. 

Since acquiring Otto, a German company, Uber has been making headlines today when Uber Freight made it's maiden voyage via a self-driven 2,000 cases of Budweiser traveled over 120 miles in Colorado, with the driver in the back seat! Welcome to the future of transportation folks.

Meanwhile, Google is making it even easier to order food, now allowing food delivery ordering through their Google Maps app! While perusing local eateries, users can now click an “Order” link which allows users to order their food through third party delivery apps like Seamless or Grubhub. Technology is changing how we do things at a rapid rate, soon we’ll be ordering food on Facebook and having it delivered by self-driving Ubers!