Best of Social Media: #ThirstyThursday

The drinking community is more vibrant and alive than ever. This week we're highlighting some great social media content from our Citizens of the Rail. Keep up the great Thursday nights!  


The Face

We’ve all made the face. The “I need to get to the bar” face. Kelly’s Pub in San Diego, CA sums it all up in their Facebook post. 


Trippy Chick

“Go home! You’re drunk!” The phrase no #ThirstyThursday drinker wants to hear. Noonan’s Sports Bar in Aurora, CO shared this trippy pic on Facebook calling out to the weekday drunks.


Epic Flip Cup

Tustin Brewing Company located in Tustin, CA takes their drinking games to the next level with their record breaking game of flip cup.  Way to show us how it’s done! 


Some Serious Pong

These two ladies aren’t messing around! Right behind Tustin’s epic flip cup, Doc’s Bar & Grill has a life-size game of beer pong. We can only imagine how big the balls are. 


Thirsty Are We?  

It’s not called #ThirstyThursday for nothing! Lavaca Street Bar is back this week with this skilled beer drinker showing off his skills! You make the #ThirstyThursday community proud.


Beer = Healthy


Nobody’s heard of doing a cleanse? A beer cleanse?  We don’t know about you, but according to Clicks Orlando North in Casselberry, FL, healthy options have no business at #ThirstyThursday.


The Quad-Shot

The Hill in New York does #ThirstyThursday justice with their quadruple shots. Nothing gets us in the spirit more than team drinking. No excuse need for “raging” (see dude’s shirt). 


Thirsty Grannies

Nickie’s Bar in San Francisco, CA proves that any age can enjoy #ThirstyThursday! They did so by posting this funny meme of a couple of grannies kicking back with a few PBRs.