Best of #WineWednesday on Social Media

We've seen in before. Deals for signature days of the week respond well in terms of guests. They know exactly what to expect and you have a better chance to build guest retention. Promoting these days can be done in a variety of ways; in person and online. Our Citizens of The Rail have been killing the social media game so we're highlighting some of their creative #WineWednesday posts. 


Wine O'Clock

What a perfect way to start us off.  Wine Wednesday doesn’t always need to be during Happy Hour, or for just an hour… or in the afternoon. Syloft in Laguna Beach, CA plays right to that notion with their wine o’clock bar sign.



Say it with me. Wine is healthy… and so are aerobics. Eddie George's Grille 27 in Grandview Heights, OH combined the two with this clever Instagram post which channels all types of WINErcise.   


Thirsty Cat

According to The Ale House in Columbia, MD, wine should only be consumed on occasion. We agree with their notion via this fun cat meme posted on their Facebook page. 


The Mid-Day Struggle

We’ve all been there. When you can’t stop thinking about #WineWednesday and now you’ll do anything to get you through the day. Keagan’s Irish Pub in Virginia Beach, VA hit the nail on the head. 



Does anyone else feel that yoga is relaxing? Well, the Nodding Donkey in Dallas, TX certainly does when they posted their signature yoga position. 



Nothing describes the #WineWednesday community better than Players Grille’s Facebook post intended to get us through the week.  


The Best Plumber... EVER

Ballard Loft in Seattle, WA knows how to hook you up on #WineWednesday. We definitely need the name of their plumber or something similar. ;-)