How to Avoid a Killing Spree: Don't Quote Restaurant Policy [VIDEO]

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #34

One wonders if McDonald’s considered all day breakfast after watching this scene in Falling. Michael Douglass is the perfect depiction of a disaffected person on a killing spree. When he stops at the fast food giant lookalike for breakfast, they inform him they are only serving lunch.  The conversation is like so many we have with guests. One or both parties start off reasonably well, but eventually when you quote a policy, it can create confrontation. Here’s the rub, why do we ever quote policy?

In this case, it was 3 minutes past the deadline for breakfast, why would anyone say no? But we train our managers to follow direction and we told them lunch begins at 11:30. This is where good training comes in and eventually grows your business. You have to teach your people to manage with discretion. Do this by talking to them about scenarios so they understand your values and know what you would want from them. Then if they deny a reasonably easy to satisfy a guest's request, it’s because you told them to and not because they guessed wrong. It might not help you avoid a killing spree, but it will ensure fewer surprises.