The Daily Rail: What Can You Learn From Anthony Bourdain?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


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GALLERY: 8 Best Bar Signs from The Rail

There is something about a sign placed in front of a bar that forces you to read. What happens next is pure entertainment. Check out these great signs from our subscriber locations and learn what your signage can do to engage both passersby and those already intent on visiting your place.


INTERVIEW: Anthony Bourdain Weighs In on the No-Tipping Trends Among Others

The genius of Anthony Bourdain is, he’s really one of us. This is no overstuffed celebrity chef pretending at our business while really being more interested in selling cookbooks with an illusion about their foodie chops. No, this guy is the real deal. He’s lived our industry and when he comments, we should all, at minimum listen. You might learn something. In this interview, he offers an overview of the no-tipping trend and some other truly relevant thoughts on our industry as a whole. Read and learn, we say!


We know this election season has dragged on forever. You might feel like the baby koala bear in this picture. This little guy was found in a woman’s bag after she was arrested in Australia. He is a six-month-old 3.5-pound baby koala bear and he’s painfully cute. Doesn’t he look happy to be out of that bag! A little bewildered and disheveled, but ultimately relieved to be free. We hear you Alfred (yup, that’s his name) and we are glad to be out this election bag, as well!

Click here  for more cuteness! 

Click here for more cuteness! 








The Statistic That Settles the No-Tipping Debate

The discussion surrounding tipping policies seems interminable. Everyone has a position from owners to servers to outside pundits, but how are we ever going to know which path to take? Here’s a novel approach, how about we listen to the guest. It turns out Technomic found 81% of casual dining consumers prefer tipping over service charges. Enough said!

Who's Afraid of Trump? Ummm, Europe!

When Donald Trump isn’t scaring our allies by threatening to leave NATO or unilaterally exit our trade agreements, he is truly terrifying them by intimating he would allow the US debt to default. It’s a move that experts say would throw the world economy into a truly apocalyptic death spiral. Therefore, it’s no wonder our European allies are scared s**tless of a Trump Presidency. See how advanced their fear is in this slick infographic.

Infographic: Europeans Are Terrified Of Trump Winning | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista


What Wine Goes with a Newly Elected President?

The folks at Vinepair seem to have a handle on the various election night scenarios and what beverage pairs. Whether your path takes you to Jaeger Bombs or Vintage Port, you’re sure to have an election night buzz to match your election hangover. “Is this thing finally” over pairs well with anything strong enough to leave a little burn in your mouth….just sayin’.





Why it matters to you: As a leader in the industry, you are expected to realize your staff’s potential in all forms.

It’s undeniable that the current election cycle has been divisive. Many can’t wait for it to be over. Even against this backdrop, Howard Schultz, the philosophical CEO, and Founder of Starbucks, has chosen to deliver a message of optimism and hope to his Starbucks family. In the form of a company-wide letter, Schultz speaks of the opportunity ‘We as Americans’ have to make a difference in people’s lives.

While lamenting the ‘Unseemly Election,’ Schultz champions his staff by telling them, “You are the true promise of America.” The letter doesn’t directly tell his staff members to vote. It challenges them to walk in someone else’s shoes, and to make a positive impact on their communities. The letter embodies what it means to be a leader, elevating one’s entire staff to realize their true potential.  



Why it matters to you: There are some ballot questions that could influence our industry.

Today heralds an interesting day in American history, beyond Hillary or Trump are several issues that actually might affect the restaurant industry. Marijuana anyone? Up in five states is a referendum for recreational pot use. If you live in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts or Nevada this could be a big deal for your delivery service because of munchies.

In addition to the possible passing of pot, is a huge issue that’s been on many a mind, the minimum wage. A gradual increase is up in Arizona, Maine, Colorado, and Washington. One state, South Dakota, however, is asking residents if they want to lower it to $7.50 an hour for the workforce under the age of 18. Whatever your politics, stay informed and go out and vote today!



Why it matters to you: We all eat food, so why doesn’t anyone care about the politics around food?

We’ve hit the home stretch, this election is almost over, but where do our candidates stand on food issues? According to the Associate Press, big food cares more about state and local elections than federal. Big sugar spent almost $60 million on state campaigns over the last 20 years.

Big agriculture actually has a lot riding on this presidential cycle, since Trump is vowing to deport all immigrants, who supply most of the workforce on farms and kitchens in this country. A Trump presidency would have a ridiculously negative impact on the agriculture and restaurant industry. Make good choices America.