The Daily Rail: Is Bigger Always Better?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


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WATCH: Understanding Allergies [Under 60 Seconds]

Every time a guest with an allergy enters a restaurant, they literally put their life in your hands. Unfortunately, many of our servers are either ignorant, ambivalent or negligent and can exacerbate this risk. In fact, a Montgomery County in Maryland thinks this is serious enough to have passed a law requiring restaurants to have a trained person in allergy issues on staff. Let us give you an overview of managing allergies in your restaurant so you can be better prepared to serve these vulnerable guests.


ON-DEMAND: Is This the Uber-ization of the Restaurant Industry?

Did you know that people have taken over 2 billion Uber rides? The Uber-ization of our economy has changed consumers’ overall expectations about the many services that we interact with on a daily basis. People expect to receive what they want at the push of a (mobile) button. From ordering food to on-demand transportation and delivery, people are increasingly seeking the fastest and most efficient service possible. Let us show how this will impact the restaurant industry!






The Labor of Exercising Your Right to Vote

Bella Rose Brandel was welcomed into the world on November 5th at 12:59am. Her proud parents made a stop after her mom, Soshy Adelstein, went into labor. They hit the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office to make sure they voted before her arrival changed everything in their lives. The couple (husband Max Brandel) didn’t know how long her labor would last and they decided, even though they were experiencing contractions, that voting took precedent. They issued a call to their fellow U.S. citizens: “Please go vote for all the Roseys of the world.” We say welcome Rosie and you couldn’t have arrived at a better time!


Sushi for Giants

The Sushi Chef Institute in California embarked on a record making effort to build the longest sushi roll evah! They succeeded and building a roll that, if stretched, would cover and obscene 8,273ft. Will the giant that ordered this roll use pool cues as chopsticks? Check out the work that went into it here on this video!

New Twist, Old Favorite. Beer Pong Become Golf Pong

The meteoric rise of beer pong to near mythical status on college campuses across the country had to eventually influence other places where people drink copious amounts of suds. Golf seems to be a perfect extension of a game that has wound its way around our collective drinking game hearts. Check out this new version of an ‘old classic’ as these two golfers look to hit 3 balls into beer pitchers from the fringe. Chipping out will never be the same.


Post Election Hangover, Stock Market Style

Generally speaking, the day after a presidential election isn’t good for the stock market. Almost 70% of post-election markets saw significant losses, several over 3%( (2008, 1948, 1932, 1940). The good news is that the hangover never really lasts more than a day and it’s business as usual….although this election has been anything but that. Either way, we have a new president today and with that uncertainty always comes market fluctuations.






Why it matters to you: Three words: location, location, location!

McDonald’s is suing the city of Florence, Italy almost $20 million dollars in damages because they won’t approve an outlet in the famed Piazza del Duomo. The square is one of the most visited tourist spots in Europe and had it been approved, would be an unfathomable cash cow, but alas the city won’t allow it.

Chain restaurants in busy tourist destinations aren't unprecedented. Being allowed to set up shop usually comes with some compromises like menu changes, and architectural design upgrades to the building’s façade. The reason McD’s is so peeved about this denial is the many changes the proposed to the business model in order to receive the “Ok”. We’re not really sure who is in the right here, but it just goes to show even the big guys don’t always get their way.



Why it matters to you: Working in hospitality means handling complaints with aplomb, these two examples did the opposite.

What happens when you get a bad review? Usually, you try to message the person directly and handle their grievance. In these two stories, restaurant workers did the opposite and it completely blew up in the face. A woman in China was awarded almost $35,000 from a restaurant whose waiter threw scalding hot water on the dinner after she left a bad review following a disagreement with said water.

The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. The video that was taken of the waiter acting out did far worse damage than the unfavorable review. And, recently in the US, a restaurant worker responded to a not-so-great review by implying the guest is poor, and physically threatened him. Even though the ranting back and forth between was deleted, screenshots and Imgur will let this interchange live in infamy. Whatever you do in a situation like these, take a deep breath and be nice. If anything, it makes you look good!