Best Rookie Bartender Fails

Ever since servers start their first day, they instantly start planning for when they’re promoted to bartender. When that day comes, they tend to get a bit overwhelmed because it’s not as easy as it looks. We’ve collected seven  videos of servers training as bartenders and surprise… they FAILED.


Practice Makes Perfect

A bit cocky are we? To be fair, this was a great effort and was almost really impressive until the very end. Just a bit more practice until this can be done in public again


Training the New Guy

Now this is just a lose-lose situation. The new guy will have nightmares about this keg and now you need to help him clean up the entire walk-in. Sticky and gross!


Basement Door Death Trap

CAUTION: A black-hole can open up right in front of the register. This bartender took one wrong step and fell to the center of the earth. Godspeed, good sir!


Chair Rescue

Most important tip: don’t overserve. If your new bartender does, you’re responsible for their safety. Even from chairs. 


Indoor-Outdoor Bartender 

Bartenders work later shifts. For servers that are not quite used to the late-night clean up, clumsiness can be an issue. 


Not a Nightclub

Repeat after me: This is a bar, not a club. Your staff needs to understand this. They shouldn’t be climbing the bar encouraging guests to take shots from the bottle. It just won’t work.


Suspicious Spill  

This is not what was meant by “don’t over pour.” Tips for next time: we’re pretty sure the guest would appreciate more drink than ice. :-)