The Daily Rail: Domino's Employs Santa's Little Helpers

Monday, December 5, 2016


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HACK: Restaurants: Got Water Stains on Your Tables? [Restaurant Hacks]

Every restaurant does their best but sometimes you still get nasty water stains on your tables. And they're not always easy to get out. Here's a tip for cleaning up those water marks.


INFOGRAPHIC: The 7-Minute Email Marketing Workout

Email marketing remains at the heart of any great digital marketing strategy for restaurants. Or, at least, it should. Here's how to give your restaurant's email marketing program a workout. Feel the gains.








We have been railing on recently about the power of the on-demand economy and we aren’t sure you are listening. Consequently, we thought some serious number-age would get your attention. The world of online food ordering isn’t just exploding, it’s going to continue to explode, based on data form Statista’s Digital Market Outlook. In 2016 will see $13.3 billion in sales, but is projected to reach $39.9 billion in just 5 years.  Check out the trend worldwide in this great infographic.

Infographic: There's Lots of Dough in Selling Pizza Online | Statista



This gallery is an homage to one of the great champagne houses. Taittinger is a winery with all the classic accouterments, but it also has the caves(this is where the store and age the wines). They also boast the Marquetterie, one of the most beautiful chateaus in all of France. Remember, if you sell their wines, you can also enjoy a visit to this incredible region of France. Check out what you’ll see here.



It’s officially the Domino’s reindeer experiment has been declared over. In Hokkaido Japan, the team from Domino’s work tirelessly with local reindeer experts to prepare these live sleigh-pullers for their delivery team. While it’s not really funny to watch, you won’t be able to turn your eyes from it. Check out the video here.




Why it matters to you: The College Football Playoffs are good for business

This year’s slate of bowl eligible teams looks like most years past. Except that it’s immeasurably harder this year to pick the top four to compete for the National Championship. Things got complicated on Saturday because Penn State didn’t cooperate and lose to Wisconsin. Since you had Ohio State having lost to Penn State during the season and in the final four. But somehow they got over the problem and announced that Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington will be the qualifiers.

The No. 1 Crimson Tide will face the No. 4 Huskies in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, and the No. 2 Tigers will play the No. 3 Buckeyes in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 31, as announced Sunday by the CFP selection committee. Then the two winners will meet in the National Championship game on Jan. 9 in Tampa Florida. This gives you plenty of time to promote the games and how you will host them. Line up swag from wholesalers, get some prices and make every game an event.



Why it matters to you: Sooner or later, everyone comes to our industry to get started

You have to wonder how awful it must be to have no job prospects. Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner seems to be learning full well how that feels. Unfortunately, it appears he is rooting around our industry for job ideas. It’s so insulting how the New York Post referred to Weiner’s search as, “so desperate for work he has been dialing up his friends in the restaurant industry…” What makes anyone think we would stoop to employ a cad like this guy? We have honor in our business and it angers me that the writer of this piece equates desperation with our business.  The men and women I know in our industry are among the hardest working, smartest and most creative I have ever met. We wish him luck, but we don’t think someone of his, ahem, skills would fit very well in our business…just sayin’.