The Daily Rail: Happy Birthday America, Love Munich

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Involve your staff in the interviewing/selection process [Hack #058]

Employee recruitment and selection can be a long and expensive task. Make sure you get it right the first time by having key members of your restaurant's staff interview potential new hires.


It may have been an obvious play for American Soccer Fans friendship, but we think you will love this cool thing that Bayern Munich did to help celebrate the Fourth of July. Bayern is one of the most popular soccer teams in the world and they want Americans to want them. Well played Bavaria; well played.


Why it’s important to you: America still leads the way in space exploration.

Ok, so you’re planning a trip and you want to time your arrival perfectly. Well, turns out you may want to call NASA to plan your route. When they launched the Juno spacecraft on August 5, 2011, they calculated to the second how long it would take to travel to Jupiter and timed it perfectly. The spacecraft arrived at Jupiter yesterday evening. This $1.1 billion mission executed a 35 minute long engine burn to slow its speed so it could enter the atmosphere of our solar system’s largest planet.

NASA then deployed Juno’s solar panels and the rest is history. The craft is designed to eventually crash hard into Jupiter’s surface, but until then it is expected to deliver incredible images and unlock the secrets of the solar system’s origin. It will move up and down through Jupiter’s atmosphere getting as close at 2600 miles from the cloud tops. The radiation is so powerful from the planet that Juno can only move close for short periods of time to avoid frying its sensitive systems. Stay tune because there are going to be some incredible images and even more incredible discoveries. That’s right, America wins again!


Why it’s important to you: China is a serious rival when it comes to earth orbit space.

In a bit of curious timing, the Chinese space agency launched a satellite this morning that was dubbed Roaming Dragon. Its mission is to retrieve space junk and force it through our atmosphere so it burns up harmlessly. There are some that think this vehicle may be more weapon than junk collector, citing the craft’s ability to move about the orbit and use its nimble arm to destroy working satellites as well as junk.

This launch highlights a serious concern that there aren’t sufficient codes of conduct and treaties dictating coordinated behavior in a place where no nation can claim sovereignty. There is no question any attack on a US satellite by a Chinese spacecraft would be a precursor to war here on Earth, but we need to avoid even chance encounters that might escalate. Besides, there are plenty of US satellites that have unknown missions which likely make the Chinese equally uncomfortable. It’s time to work through some ground rules and protect everyone’s interests.


Why it’s important to you: In a war of ideas, understanding your enemy’s thinking matters.

There is a fairly consistent trope that most radicalized Muslims are from poor backgrounds and are searching for a way to escape their limited upbringing and means. Unfortunately, that trope falls extraordinarily short when it comes to so many of the major attacks we have witnessed. The Bangladesh restaurant attack this past weekend is no exception. Five of the six attackers that were killed in the clash with police were from wealthy backgrounds and no one predicted their radicalization. It certainly appears that class is not a factor in the motivation to terrorism.

In fact, much has been learned that proves the leaders of radical organizations like ISIS actually recruit wealthy young men because no one would suspect them of being involved in jihad. Either way, believing that only the poor and disaffected are capable of this level of violence is both inaccurate and disingenuous.