The Daily Rail: I'd like your finest can of wine... wait, wut?

August 22, 2016

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Use a decision-making formula [Hack #064]

When faced with difficult decisions or complicated challenges, a leader should be as thoughtful as possible in their process. Follow these steps to create consistency in your decision making that will allow you to trust your choices.


Is a Buck a Buck, Everywhere?

The answer is decidedly no! A recent comparison by the Bureau of Economic Analysis compare the purchase power of the almighty dollar stat by state. The fact that there are enormous disparities in the distance a dollar will get you shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but click here to see if your state is represented on the list of 11 where the dollar goes farthest.

1. Mississippi ($1.15)

2. Arkansas ($1.14)

3. Alabama ($1.14)

4. South Dakota ($1.14)

5. Kentucky ($1.13)

6. West Virginia ($1.12)

7. Ohio ($1.12)

8. Missouri ($1.12)

9. Oklahoma ($1.11)

10. Tennessee ($1.11)

11. Iowa ($1.11)

Learn more here.

Hey, throw me a can of…wine?

That’s right. This new enclosure for your favorite cabernet is on the rise. We just explained to the history and evolution of the beer can and it appears we may need to amend that with a review of the rise of the wine can…it really doesn’t sound right does it? Well click here to watch a short clip that explains the current state of the can of wine!


Why it’s important to you: At least in the Olympics, America has always been great.

For those of you keeping score at home, it was one heck of an Olympic medal haul for the men and women of the United States. In total, the US team accumulated 121 medals, with 46 being gold. Can you believe it’s been 16 days since Michael Phelps won his first of four gold medals in Rio? Or that Simone Biles and Co. crushed the gymnastics competition? This ends up being the most successful US Olympic team since the 1984 team which won 174 medals (the Russian Bloc boycotted that year).

Ironically, it wasn’t just in the premier sports like basketball, swimming and track. In fact, there were several first time American medals including a first win in the 1500m race since 1908 for Matthew Centrowitz, and Helen Maroulis who won the first women’s American Gold in wrestling. Absent the idiot behavior of Ryan Lochte and his crew, this was one of the most watchable and successful Olympics in recent memory. Sure it had its bumps, but Rio came through in the end and delivered a colorful and thoroughly satisfying result for American Olympic fans. Well done Rio! Well done, our American athletes! Well done, World!


Why it’s important to you: Connor McGregor sure did earn his shift drink.

If you watched the second installment of McGregor vs. Diaz, then you know it was a close fought and somewhat bloody affair. What you may not know is that Connor McGregor found the stamina after his win at a Vegas club where he hosted a great looking after party. Neither fighter wasted anytime and confirmed right there on Saturday, they are both ready for the trilogy.

The fight itself was a bloody affair with both fighters going the distance. Check out the actual scorecard from the fight (left) to see just how close the judges saw it. In the end McGregor outlasted Diaz and, as the party scene proves, he was less devastated than his opponent. It was an epic match and McGregor and Diaz seem set to do it all again…but that of course is up to the powers that be in the UFC. Stay tuned.

FLOOD [Song]

Why it’s important to you: Is Louisiana Donald Trump’s leadership moment?

As if the folks in Baton Rouge haven’t endured enough between this devastating flooding and the recent violence involving the police, now they have to be pawns in the Big Game. The Governor issued a statement on Friday imploring Donald Trump to stay away if his goal is to get a photo-op, yet on Sunday he was praising the Republican Presidential Candidate for his visit and $100k donation to the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church for relief support.

This might be the most presidential thing Trump has done during his campaign. Making his way to visit Louisiana’s flood ravaged areas, was the kind of leadership a President is required to deliver. Meanwhile President Obama plans to visit this week and Hillary Clinton issued a statement on Facebook saying the Governor has asked her to delay her visit as they make the effort to clean up the state. A real key to leadership is knowing when to step in and participate and when to back off and let your team do their jobs. Which was this? Should the president have interrupted his vacation even if the Governor asked him not to? We can see it both ways, but we are interested in your opinion.