This Week is in eSports... Are eSports players training too much?

League of Legends accused of low pay, untimely patches

According to Yahoo! eSports, the League of Legends (LoL) scene is a hot mess right now. There's tension between creator Riot Games and the owners within the LCS about how the LCS and League eSports should be run. Specifically there have been complaints about game patches screwing with team strategy. Riot has also been accused to paying players below industry average. Yahoo! eSports has all the gritty details on the controversy.

What are eSports?

Got a couple of minutes. Watch this video by CNN. Got only a minute? Watch our intro to eSports video.

Are eSports players training too much?

Richard Lewis, a famed eSports journalist, took to Twitter recently to talk about how overworked pro eSports players are. It led to a series of tweets and retorts with fans and coaches.