Six Reasons to Get Your Employees Drunk

We’re not saying you should be doing keg stands behind the bar, per se, but these ideas could increase morale and even improve sales. 


1. Give ‘em a shift drink!

Everyone loves a shifty. Nothing is more refreshing than a tall beer or a stiff cocktail after a lackluster shift or a busy brunch in the weeds. Providing your of-age workers with a shift drink boosts morale and shows them you care.  


2. Let them sample the good stuff!

It doesn’t have to be a full glass, but letting the staff taste the pricier offerings means they can recommend them to guests with certainty. If they’ve tried it, it’s easier to suggest. And, the more expensive the item, the better for your restaurant’s bottom line.  


3. Make your employees try everything!

Literally everything. The more your servers and bartenders know, the better they’ll be at serving. The experience will grow your staff’s palate and expertise, so they themselves can actually answer the question, “Which Chardonnay is oakier?”


4. Encourage your staff to go out!

It’s literally your servers’ job to know food and drink. The more they go out to eat and drink, the more knowledgeable they’ll become. Better servers make the restaurant more money and they might even come back with cool new ideas for your place! 


5. Have employee outings. 

A social team is a happy team. Whether it’s a company-wide wine tasting or grabbing some beer before going to a sporting event, outings encourage bonding beyond commiserating over a not so great shift.  


6. Make them test the new stuff. 

Cocktail trends are on the move all the time. Who better to test a new recipe on than your staff?


After all, wouldn't you want a drink after this?

After all, wouldn't you want a drink after this?