FanDuel's Free Fantasy Football Leagues are What Sports Bars Need

You’ve been waiting all summer. Dreaming of a busier time with live sports that actually drive traffic. Then, finally it’s here! Week one of the NFL season always comes to a close in the same way: Now what?

Well, FanDuel and SportsTV Guide have teamed up to answer that question. FanDuel is offering an amazing season long promo surrounding daily fantasy that solves a several problems at once. To start, FanDuel delivers an ‘out of the box’ promotion that is simple to implement and speaks directly to your core audience. Then, by engaging your guests where they are, you can encourage them to be more loyal, spend more money and support your business.

Traditional season long fantasy leagues have never delivered anything to sports-themed operators except for the one week of draft events each year. Guests that participate in leagues are interacting with just the people in their group. Once their team is in trouble you’ll see less of them as the season wears on. The answer is so obvious and the solution so easy -- leagues built on the daily fantasy sports (DFS) model.

The brilliance of DFS is that it gives every player a fresh start each week, but also rewards those that participate in the full season. The promotion that FanDuel offers takes all the work out of organizing and managing a DFS NFL league in your restaurant, allowing you to focus on inviting guests to participate and rewarding their best behaviors: frequency, spending and referrals.

Create your own league

Check out the features of this ready to deploy promotion:

  • Private FanDuel-managed league and contests just for your guests.
  • Customized POP from banners to t-shirts available for order and free.
  • FanDuel provides support and training to insure you get your best execution.
  • FanDuel creates and makes shareable social media posts to improve your engagement.

With this promotion, you can create your own league that allows you to reward guests for joining, playing well and participating often. The only thing left for you to do is offer it to your guests. They already know the FanDuel name and being associated to a brand with national reach and recognition will make that effort so much easier.

We are also hosting some live orientation and training sessions exclusively for SportsTV Guide and Daily Rail subscribers. We will review the entire program, show you the relevant parts of the promotion and support you all the way through.

So, what are you waiting for? The promotion is free, ready to go and all you have to do is say yes before it expires on September 30th. We look forward to supporting you in creating a great football environment in your location all season and right into basketball and hockey.