The Daily Rail: It's Getting Hot In Here...Are You Taking Action on Climate Change?

September 19, 2016


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Why it’s important to you: Many of your guests are willing to pay to combat climate change and you can join them without paying for it.

In a fascinating survey published by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago ( insert - shameless plug for my alma mater here) inquiry found 57% of those polled would pay at least $1 on their monthly electric bill for climate action. Significantly, that number only dips by half when you raise the investment to $20. It’s a positive revelation for those that are seeking to fund the efforts to mitigate climate change.

Given this level of interest in combatting climate change, is there something you can do to get on the bandwagon? Sure, as a restaurant operator, you can send a powerful message to that 57% by committing to new green efforts. Initiatives, like moving to all organic cleaning materials or increasing your commitment to recycling can be shared with guests as a point of reference about your values. In the long run, the cost is negligible and the rewards are positive PR. Equally important you are demonstrating to your community that you share their values.




Why it’s important to you: Sure feels like all hell is breaking loose

Another heartbreaking weekend of violence has come to a close. With a bomb going off in NYC, pipe bombs planted in New Jersey and a knife attack at a Minnesota mall, it’s hard to tell if this is America or an episode of 24. The New York city incident took place in the bustling Chelsea neighborhood and injured 29 and there was a second device that NYC Police found that didn’t detonate. The Minnesota incident has the distinction ISIS claiming responsibility.

This may sound a little melodramatic, but our places really are safe havens during uncertain times. We are social creatures and when things get rough, we don’t want to be alone. This was no more obvious than when you asked folks when they heard or when they first saw the footage of the Twin Towers falling. It was a workday and our places were the only ones you could find TV’s to watch, a coffee to drink and a feeling that you weren’t alone.



Why it’s important to you: The NFL has some ‘splainin’ to do on when it comes to proportional responses.

In 2011 Darren Sharper was a member of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl championship team. Jump ahead to 2016 and he is serving an 18-year prison sentence for multiple rape convictions. That sounds horrible, right? Well, not so horrible that he isn’t still on the NFL Hall of Fame ballot for this year’s induction class. What’s worse, this is his second year on the list. Now view that fact through the lens of front office executives around the league. 

Would you think that the response to…say Colin Kaepernick’s protest…would scale below the rape of 9 women? Well, according to the Bleacher Report as many as 7 executives confirmed they would never want Kaepernick on their team, with those 7 claiming 90+% of the rest of league front offices fell the same way. One NFL executive said of Kaepernick, “He’s a traitor.”

It is unseemly that the NFL continues to ignore the import of specific behavior, even where the victims are now rape survivors, but gets bent out of shape when a citizen exercises his right to protest. That isn’t to say that the San Francisco QB is handling his movement with perfect grace, he does have that right to protest under our constitution. So, how about you focus on all of your values and not just those that might reflect poorly on the ‘Shield’.