This Week's Football Preview - September 24 & 25

Week 4 in the NCAA means lots of teams on bye weeks. There are only 18 of the Top 25 in action and only 4 games with both teams ranked: (17) Arkansas v (10) Texas A&M at 9pm ET, (19) Florida v (14) Tennessee at 3:30pm ET, (11) Wisconsin at (8) Michigan St 12pm ET and (12) Georgia at (23) Ole Miss also at 12pm ET. 

The NFL enters its 3rd Week with everyone wondering if the New England Patriots QB is going to survive against JJ Watt and company as Houston visits New England on Thursday night. The Sunday game schedule is filled with some ho-hum match ups but a couple of games stand out in the 4pm ET time slot. San Diego at Indianapolis and the New York Jets at Kansas City should be fairly entertaining if your local team already played at 1pm.

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