Fido's Top-Five: The Dog-Friendliest Restaurant Cities in the US

Here at The Rail, we love dogs. In honor of our bring your dog to work day, photo evidence here, we decided to do a piece on dog-friendliness in the restaurant world. Pet-friendliness is a growing trend, and over the past few years, more patios across America are welcoming our four-legged buddies to the table.


Why the change?

For one, legislation is responding to consumers and restaurant operators alike to actually permit owners to bring Fido into outdoor seating areas. Michigan recently passed a state-wide law doing just that. California did as well, only a year ago. With more Millennials opting for a fur-baby over the more traditional offspring of flesh and blood, it’s in the best interest of restaurants to allow dog lovers to bring their furry friends along for a meal. We ranked U.S. cities by how many dog-friendly restaurants they have per capita and how dog-friendly they are in general. 




1. Seattle, WA

Seattle grabs our number one spot mostly because of this article here. And also because we discovered The Emerald-City has a number of spots guests can actually bring their dog inside. Yup, you read that right. Diners can bring their buddies into the Summit Public House , The Leary Traveler and Norm’s Eatery and Ale House--provided that he/she is well-behaved. How can that be legal? Well, it is and it isn’t. You can read more about that here.



2. New Orleans, LA

NoLa has the most pet-friendly restaurants per capita, according to Wallethub. The best part is, guests can legally sip a drink while they walk their dog around the French Quarter. Sign us up!



3. San Francisco, CA

San Fran comes in third on our list. When your average low temperature is around 50 degrees, every day is a patio day. As of last year, hungry diners can legally enjoy those patios with their pooch!



4. Austin, TX

Austin is great for live music and it’s also the birthplace of Whole Foods. This city is #4 when it comes to pet-friendly restaurants per capita. If guests visit Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company, Fido can enjoy a dog treat made from the leftover mash from the brewing process. Nom nom nom!



5. Atlanta, GA

Hotlanta is last but not least on our list. Guests can enjoy the rooftop patio at Shake Shack with their four-legged best friend!



Is your restaurant pet-friendly? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!!!