Join the #ArnoldPalmerOnUs Initiative

At the Rail, we believe it’s important to remember those among us who have had a broad reaching impact on our society. Thanks to his namesake iced tea and lemonade drink, we are lucky that Arnold Palmer will forever touch our industry. For that, we would like you join the #ArnoldPalmerOnUs initiative.

To honor an iconic American, we would like to call on every restaurant and bar across the United States to offer a free Arnold Palmer drink to its guests this week. It’s an easy way for all of us to say, “Thank You” to a man who relished every opportunity to connect with his fans.

Arnold Palmer transcended the world of golf and made it accessible to generations of Americans. He was an icon and a legend. He loved his fans and they loved him.

"If it wasn't for Arnold, golf wouldn't be as popular as it is now," Tiger Woods said in 2004 when Palmer played in his last Masters. "He's the one who basically brought it to the forefront on TV. If it wasn't for him and his excitement, his flair, the way he played, golf probably would not have had that type of excitement.

"And that's why he's the king."

He rose from humble beginnings to become the most influential golfer to ever step on the course. His impact on the game of golf is only rivaled by the love he had for his fans. From Arnie’s Army to the millions of people he touched around the world, his legacy is one of friendship, respect, and kindness.

It’s not surprising to read the countless tributes to Arnold Palmer from fellow golfers, friends, and fans alike:

So, let’s remember and honor Arnold Palmer. Join the #ArnoldPalmerOnUs Initiative and let your guests remember, too.