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September 30, 2016

WATCH: Are You Pricing Your 'Signature Items' Correctly? [How Hollywood Sees Us]

Today we salute our menu heroes, the menu items that sell well -- no matter the cost.


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Being a restaurant leader is tough. Boy do we know it. It's hard work, but you need to be the right type of leader for your restaurant to flourish. Here are a few signs you're failing at your job.





Most Popular Delivery Items by State

Do you know what the most popular delivery item is for your state? Find out in this fun infographic by Eater. We can’t decide which popular item is odder? Cinnamon sticks or cheese curds?

Most popular delivery items by state via Eater

The Perfect Tweet

So what do you do with you’re the pitcher who gave up a home run to Tim Tebow at his first at bat? You suck it up and deliver the perfect tweet.


I thought we agreed you were taking first pitch @TimTebow
— John Kilichowski (@JJkilich) September 28, 2016


Counting Calories in Food Photos

Snap It! is a new beta feature in Lose It! a weight loss/calorie tracking app. The new feature lets users take a photo of their food and then get information on how many calories the food has. Users can also give additional info on serving size and what else is in the item. Sounds look a “lower-tech” version of some of the food scanners being developed.





Why it matters to you: Allergies are no joke, is your staff properly trained?

In Taylor, Michigan an allergy sent a little boy to the emergency room. The little boy in question named Jack, is allergic to eggs, wheat, coconut, and milk. Jack’s mother informed the waitress of Jack’s allergies and was assured that the meal was safe for him to consume. However, before leaving the restaurant, Jack began vomiting and his face began to swell before the family reached their home. It was later they discovered the hotdog Jack had for dinner contains non-fat dry milk.

After the incident, Jack’s mom left a review on the restaurant’s Facebook page. The review was met with a snarky response which has since been deleted. According to the waitress, she says the family never specified the child’s allergy. Regardless of fault, it’s important that every staff member has access to a full ingredient list of every item and complete a comprehensive allergy program. Anyone going to the hospital is a big deal and can be prevented with managerial support and staff education.



Why it matters to you: Don’t get caught sounding like an idiot.

For anyone that’s worked somewhere with a wine list, pronunciation can be tricky. French words are notoriously difficult, “Is the ‘s’ silent?”. In light of this, we want to help our readers look smarter. Thanks to Vinepair, we’re sharing this awesome list of how to pronounce the various major wine regions in France. With this little guide you’ll sound like you spent your junior year in the Loire Valley ( that’s [luh-WAHR vah-lee] for those of you who didn’t.  




Why it matters to you: With both Congress and 21 States fighting the O/T rules changes, this might not be settled yet.

In a late vote on Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to delay the implementation of the new Department of Labor rules surrounding overtime exemption. The vote went almost exactly along party lines with the Republican controlled house voting 246-177 to push the implementation date out by six months. The National Restaurant Association said, “We are grateful that Congress stood with small business and passed the Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools, and Nonprofits Act. We continue to work with key senators on both sides of the aisle to find a resolution in both houses.”

It’s safe to say this fight isn’t over given that 21 states joined a suit against the implementation last week and now Congress addressing it as well.  However, they won’t appear to lack the votes override the promise of a veto made by President Obama. Let’s face it, folks, there hasn’t been an increase in the minimum salary threshold since the 1970’s. The DOL may have gone too far by doubling the salary threshold, but some change was bound to happen. It might be better to start strategizing how to manage it and not expect any relief from our legislators. That’s why we created a downloadable eBook that clearly explains the rules as well as delivers specific strategies to manage it. Complete the form below and you can download it right now.



Why it matters to you: Watching Danny Meyer is like taking a master class in "How-To" in the restaurant industry.

To say that Danny Meyer is having a good week is a bit of an understatement. Before this week has ended Meyer, founder of Shake Shake and the Union Square Hospitality Group, will have announced a new home cooked meal delivery start-up, rolled out paid parental leave to all of his team members and now is embracing Apple Watch as a tool for all of his managers at the soon to re-open Union Square Café.

This new application of Apple Watch is a collaborative between Meyer’s team and the folks at Resy – the reservation system start-up. The devices will be tasked with delivering info to managers on the fly. Updates like a VIP entering the restaurant, a party that is waiting too long to be seated and when a bottle of wine has been ordered will be delivered to the appropriate manager/sommelier at the appropriate time. Meyer is a leader in so many placed in our industry this new tech innovation should surprise no one. So, take a moment and follow Danny Meyer, it’s likely to be the best education that no money can buy.