The Daily Rail: Americans Aren't Using Their Time Wisely

September 6, 2016

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POLL RESULTS: What do you think about culinary school graduates value? [Infographic]

What do Charlie Trotter, Thomas Keller, Ina Garten and Jamie Oliver have in common? None of them attended culinary school and yet they still ascended to the heights of our industry. In a recent Citizens of the Rail Poll, you told us exactly what you think about culinary graduates and their value in your business.

Check out our infographic and poll results.


Do you remember the beginning of the 2015 NFL Season? The most remarkable thing most folks noticed was the explosion of advertising supporting Daily Fantasy (DFS). Companies vying for supremacy in the newly established DFS market were advertising at an unprecedented clip.  Some estimates documented an ad for DFS running every 1.7 seconds during the first full week of the season.

Well, things are a little different this year and that’s GREAT news for our industry. Realizing that their real opportunity to claim players, is where they play, Fan Duel has announced a tremendous program for restaurant operators with some special stuff for Citizens of the Rail.  Give our blog a read to see just how valuable DFS can be for your football marketing and then let us help you realize that success. We look forward to working with many of you all season to make DFS a staple in your football marketing.


Time Is Not On Your Side

American workers are taking 4.1 fewer days off, than in 2000. The number of vacations days taken versus those that were earned has dropped consistently for the last 15 years, with 2015 being the lowest recorded since before 1974. Check out this graphic expression of the declining vacation phenomenon. The question really is, why? Companies cannot make your vacation go away and have to pay for it, so they don’t save if you don’t go! What is fueling this? Sounds like a Citizens of the Rail poll waiting to happen…



Everyone knows that the NFL is a quarterback’s league, but have you wondered if that has had any impact on the college game? Turns out it does. From 2006 – 2016 the top 10 average passing yards per game has increased dramatically. In Week 1 2006 the top 10 passers averaged a paltry 334.3 yards, but fast forward to this past week and that number skyrockets to 427.2 yards. That’s almost a football field of additional completions. Given that rushing yards have only increased by 3.7%, versus a passing increase of 28%, in those same years, you know the age of the QB is firmly entrenched across all levels of football.


Why it’s important to you: Leadership means knowing when to back off or even down.

You may have heard the comments made by Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte prior to a scheduled meeting with President Obama. The former mayor of Davao City used a slur to describe the US President normally reserved for man’s best friend. However, even a firebrand can go too far sometimes. It appears that President Duterte is, at least, acknowledging his comments might have been too harsh. Given that Duterte’s administration has already killed some 2000 suspected drug traffickers extra-judicially, he expected a challenge from Obama and decided to strike first on Monday.

Which lead us to his statement released today, expressing regret for his words and hoping to meet with POTUS sometime in the future. Sure, the Philippines are a strategic ally, but at what point do you make yourself an unfriendly friend?

For us as operators, the lesson is in admitting you are wrong. It’s hard to do for anyone, but if Duterte can backtrack, so can you. When you make a mistake admit it quickly and it will go away quickly. A True leader acknowledges his/her responsibility for their behavior so they can continue to hold others accountable for theirs.


Why it’s important to you: Miesha Tate is more than just a ferocious fighter, she’s also a hero.

When you are asked what you did with your Labor Day weekend holiday you probably won’t be able to say you rescued a 6-year-old girl from a mountain top. Well, Miesha Tate, former UFC Champion, did just that on Mt. Charleston in Nevada on Sunday. The little girl, Kai, had broken her arm in a fall on the mountain when Tate came upon her mother struggling to carry her down. Tate offered her help and when the woman asked her daughter who she wanted to carry her, Kai said, “I want HER to carry me.”

And so it went until they reached the bottom. Tate posted the story in detail on her Facebook page and how brave the little Kai was during their descent. It’s refreshing to hear stories of pro athletes that don’t include DUI’s, domestic abuse or PED’s. Thanks Miesha for coming to Kai’s rescue…and ours too!