If Only Every Bar Confrontation Was Between Dueling Intellects

The Restaurant Industry According to Hollywood #22

Wouldn’t it be great if every confrontation we saw in our bars was between dueling intellects? In Good Will Hunting, when Ben Affleck’s character asked, “So, this is a Harvard Bar….I thought there’d been equations and …on the wall?” you knew he was out of place. So, it’s not a huge surprise to see him get into it with a “Hahvahd Bah” regular. As an operator, whenever you see two guys jawing at one another, it gets your attention. No good has ever come from two men in confrontation in the middle of your bar.

Fortunately for this Harvard Square hangout, nothing beyond a bruised ego was exchanged between warring parties. Wouldn’t it be grand if every argument in your bar included a few choice quotes from long dead scholars on obscure and esoteric topics? Alas, that is simply not the case in most instances. We suggest you either relocate nearer to a university of Harvard’s stature or keep your eye out for this type of pre-escalated confrontation. As long as you are diligent, you will likely always like “them apples.”