The Daily Rail: Learn Why Buffalo Wild Wings Leads the Field.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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MARKET: Common Copywriting Mistakes on Restaurant Websites

Your restaurant's website is your first impression to guests. Here are some common restaurant website copywriting mistakes to avoid.


WATCH: Anthony Bourdain's Claim to Fame in [Under 60 Seconds]

Anthony Bourdain is without a doubt a major influence in the restaurant industry. But how did he become the icon that he is? Well, Bourdain's fame didn't actually take off until later in his life, and early on he admits he had quite a rocky start.





Technically, any beer is a shower beer if you bring into the shower with you. But PangPang Brewery in Sweden has taken it to a new level by actually brewing beer made for the shower. It’s fermented longer and made with a stronger alcohol percentage and bottled in smaller to keep the proper temperature longer.


Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish butcher, and restaurateur is bringing sensuality back to the kitchen. You seriously haven’t seen a chef work magic until you’ve seen Salt Bae handle meat. #phrasing

Masaj müzik Sevgi

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A photograph has surfaced that shows a restaurant receipt from Twisted Root, giving an unknown customer a discount for having “BEST BEARD.” The total tally off? Just $0.01, but a penny saved is a penny earned, right?



Bojangles is turning their sites on Millennials. Not only are they remodeling their franchises, but they’re also introducing Biscuit Theater, which allows diners to peer through a glass window to watch a “master biscuit maker” load fresh dough into the oven every 20 minutes… Alrighty then.




Why it matters to you: Here’s a creative marketing deal to inspire you.

A restaurant in Chicago, called Mather’s is helping its locals make it through the winter by essentially paying them to eat soup! Only valid through this month and February, if the weather is above zero, you only have the pay a price equal to the outside temperature high for the day. 

According to Mashable, the deal is totally legit. The restaurant does take a small financial hit from offering a meal so far below the cost to produce. Regardless, the deal should bring more traffic to the café with a benefit, far outweighing the cost.



Why it matters to you: Knowing what’s on for sports can bring in new customers.

Do you ever feel like you just need a day off? Well, The Packing House in Milwaukee WI can relate. For the past 42 years, the Wisconsin restaurant has been open 365 days a year but, will soon be closed this Sunday for the Packers game. The restaurant has suffered a loss of their customers during sports games specifically to other establishments or to people watching the game with their families. This Sunday, the Packers are in the playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Packing House is a sit-down restaurant that hasn’t seemed to benefit from staying open for games. There are multiple benefits to playing the big game at your establishment. Many restaurants make the majority of their profits from playing sports on their TVs, another great reason to always know what’s on for sports. But in the case of this Wisconsin restaurant, props for taking a day off for first time in over four decades, you’ve earned it!



Why it matters to you: Our subscribers lead the industry and we can all learn from them

Based on a recent Business Insider’s analysis, both Dave & Buster’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are set to have a great 2017. According to the post, D&B is leading the way in leveraging the guest experience as a point of differentiation. While others are talking about improving and augmenting the guest experience, D&B accounts for half of its revenue from it. Any operator that intends on staying competitive has to recognize the same value of the guest experience if they want to stay relevant with today’s consumer.

To that end, Buffalo Wild Wings is also set to make waves in the upcoming year. BWW also understands the value of the guest experience which is why they have been embracing the craft beer culture. Sure you can still get a classic American lager like Budweiser, but the successful sports-themed chain is also sourcing locally brewed options and working with craft brewers like Lagunitas on signature beers. We already know today’s consumer wants creative and local and BWW has committed to delivering both and it’s likely going to help them turnaround from a slow end to 2016 to dominate the new year.