Every Restaurant Stereotype According to Reddit

Every industry across the board has their fair share of stereotypes. Recently, someone took to Reddit’s Kitchen Confidential to ask, “So who are you in the kitchen people spectrum?”

The post got a ton of responses, so we decided to round them up and share them with you. Here’s the tl;dr version of our favorites: 


1.     The Social Reject

Reddit user thelaughingpear wrote “I’m one of those people who is too mentally unstable for college and too antisocial and unattractive to be a server. I have almost no friends or family, so I’m emotionally invested in my job and coworkers to a degree that’s probably unhealthy. Basically, your typical societal reject that can only function in a kitchen.” 

Yup, you definitely work in a restaurant kitchen. 


2.    The One Who “Hung in There”

User uniden365 identifies himself as a “hard-working but green-as-grass promoted dishwasher. I’m a dumbass today, but tomorrow (Read: in 10 years) I’ll be your boss.” 

Well, uniden365, we have news for you: if you become buddy-buddy with the general manager, it might not take 10 years.


3.    The Sweet-as-Sin Bartender 

There are some bartenders who think their s**t don’t stink, but the best bartenders are everyone’s best friend. The guys and gals who don’t distinguish between the front and back-of-house with their attitude. 


4.    The One Who Gets S**t Done 

According to Reddit user vsanna, (s)he “knows where everything is and god help you if you put things in stupid places or leave something a mess.” 


5.    The A**hole

Pretty much a new servers worst nightmare, prteehan identified this character as a “line cook who has no time for your stupid questions and generally has nothing nice to say.” 

Basically, avoid this person at all costs. 


6.    The One Girl on the Line 

Sadly, the kitchen is usually dominated by men and can be an inhospitable place for most women. But the one woman on the line, can hang with the boys, often doing a better job than most of them. See stereotype number four. 

Do you identify with one or any of these characters? Are you one yourself? Maybe we missed one. Let us know! Leave a comment below.