The Daily Rail: Taco Bell as a Healthy Option, No Really!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Today's Specials:


WEBSITE: Are You Setting the Right Goals for Your Website?

It's not just important to have a website for your restaurant. It's also important to set goals to make sure your website is working best for your business. Here are some tips for using Google Analytics goals to get the most out of your site.


WATCH: Cook With Your Cab Driver [How Hollywood Sees Us]

As the child of immigrants, the lead character in Today’s Special lived a life filled with strong aromas of tikka masala and tandoori chicken. This is a sweet film starring comedian Aasif Mandvi, who plays his role of disaffected haute cuisine chef, perfectly. The film is a celebration of accepting who you are and ensuring you embrace it with aplomb.




Whiskey You’re the Devil

Whiskey- and bourbon-based cocktails are more popular than ever. According to the IWSR’s US Cocktail Trend Report, whiskey-based cocktails account for 23% of the craft bar market. Not just any ol’ spirit brand will do, however; consumers care about brand names.

Is Taco Bell Good -- Healthy?

According to a news story by Business Insider, Taco Bell has secretly become America’s healthiest fast-food chain. They’ve reworked their menu, dropping sodium by 15%, creating a high-protein “Cantina” menu, a low-cal “Fresco” menu and a vegetarian menu certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Here’s why no one knows about it.

Chipotle Billed $2 Billion

A California woman wants Chipotle to pay her more than $2 billion for allegedly using her picture without permission to sell burritos. Her lawsuit stems from what she claims the chain has “made” off her photo, originally taken in 2006. That’s one expensive picture!



Why it matters to you: always try to be aware of the implications of the content you post.

Yesterday, recall we talked briefly about how Wendy’s corporate Twitter account has been posting witty responses to trolls. Well, within the past day, they made a very big social media error. One account asked Wendy’s account for a meme, and they responded with a meme of their mascot as Pepe the Frog—the cartoon frog that has become an appropriated symbol by alt-right and white nationalist groups. Unfortunately for Wendy’s social media manager, they were unaware of the connotation that the cartoon has acquired and quickly deleted the post.

It’s impossible to tell how some content will be received especially something appearing as innocent as a frog meme. This is a perfect example why we as operators should always be aware of what is posted to our social media accounts as well as in our restaurants. The last thing we need to give the wrong impression and cause controversy by something that meant no harm in the first place.  



Why it matters to you: The stock market is typically ahead of the economy.

Analysts are telling us, all the worry about the status of our industry is either much ado about nothing or a really big deal; it’s all in the perspective. For example, full-service restaurants fared poorly in the fourth quarter with almost all the major outlets showing significant declines. The story in fast casual and quick service is more mixed and specifically associated to how well the operators are embracing new technologies.

Panera’s results were strong based primarily on their performance with digital ordering and delivery. McDonald’s, on the other hand, had its second straight quarter of sales declines and they continue to lag behind players like Panera and Dominos that are driving business via digital. For most operators this should be a sign it’s time to get on board with digital ordering and other on-demand technologies. Consumers appear to be voting with their dollars and rewarding operators that provide great digital ordering and service experiences.



Why it matters to you: A customer should never be mocked.

Carrie Underwood’s runner-up in American Idol’s fourth season is making waves, but not sound waves. The former contestant was interviewed by Fox news after social media complaints regarding his poor treatment at an airport Popeye’s. Bice reports that a female cashier repeatedly mocked his name and then referred to him as “white boy.”

Whether or not you believe that being called “white boy” is equivalent to the racism non-whites have faced in this country, the cashier clearly made a mistake. The franchise manager reached out to Bice to apologize and has taken “corrective actions” to prevent the incident from occurring again. Famous or not, regardless of someone skin’s color, everyone should receive the same treatment from a hospitality worker.