The Daily Rail: It's Made From What?

Monday, January 9, 2017


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HACK: Cheap & Easy Way to Clean Greasy Stove Grates [Restaurant Hacks]

Are your restaurant's stove grates looking a bit grimy? Don't throw 'em out. Get 'em looking clean with a little help from your old friend ammonia.

SOCIAL MEDIA: 13 Ways Restaurants Can Effectively Use 140 Characters

Are you using your restaurant's Twitter account efficiently? Here are 13 great ways you can boost your exposure, entertain potential guests and get them to come back to your eatery.




Minimum Growth

January 1st saw 18 states increasing their minimum wage and Maine waiting until the 7th to implement. The top rate is Washington DC at $11.50 with Massachusetts and Washington right behind at $11. This infographic shows you the rates for all nineteen states.

Infographic: 19 U.S. States Raised The Minimum Wage This Week | Statista

It’s Made From What?

Spirits can be created from a variety of bases. This list shows you 10 strange and wonderful things that have been turned into adult beverages. Think artichokes and day old bread for your next cool liqueur infused cocktail


Party With a Local

We all know Aussies are great partiers. What you didn’t expect was their party culture to become the next big social app on the horizon. Meet Dan Fennessy and the team that has created Party With a Local, the newest hot property in social engagement. It’s less dating app and more gathering. This may be a great new tool to get ahead of for social. We’ll keep you posted as they progress.



Why it matters to you: Our industry doesn’t want to be tagged for causing child obesity

British health officials are tagging dining out as a major contributor to child obesity. Dr Alison Tedstone, PHE chief nutritionist told the Telegraph: “Going out for a meal is part of Britain’s culture but instead of being a weekly ‘treat’ for families, it’s becoming the norm and contributing to the obesity epidemic.” Reports are that Britons are spending at least twice as much time eating out as those who grew up in the 70’s.

As findings like these pervade the collective thinking of consumers, there has never been a better time to start offering healthier options on your menu.  This is especially true for children’s menus. Instead of frying those tenders, try offering them grilled with a small green salad or a vegetable. It won’t cost more to serve and guests may even be willing to pay a premium for items that are kid-sized but healthy. Make your restaurant a place where families can choose to visit and enjoy a healthy meal while dining out.



Why it matters to you: Are soft drink manufacturers as bad as big tobacco?

A lawsuit was filed this past week against Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association that alleges that they were complicit in misleading the public on the connection between sugar and obesity and trying to target children with their advertising, among other things. It stems from a concerted effort that both organizations embarked on as new evidence about the role of excessive sugar in causing obesity and type 2 diabetes become public.

The Praxis Project claims that Coca-Cola deliberately “deceives” its consumers about the health risks of sugar-sweetened drinks. It also goes a step further and says that the soda company gets a hand from the American Beverage Association (ABA) in doing so. You have to wonder what impact this may have given the success of tobacco-related suits in driving down smoking in the US. If so, why not take a fresh look at your alcohol-free beverage program. If momentum builds for anti-soda results, you could profit from the trend to natural and unsweetened beverages with higher margins and no free refills.