The Daily Rail: The Restaurant Industry Lost 105,000 Jobs Following Both Hurricanes

Monday, October 23, 2017


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STAFF: 4 Tips for Lowering Your Restaurant’s Staff Turnover

Turnover is one of the biggest spots where restaurants unnecessary lose money -- $146,000/year. Learn how your restaurant operators can stop staff turnover with these four steps.




Why KFC Only Follows 11 Twitter Accounts

KFC only follows 11 Twitter accounts for a very interesting and hilarious reason. The 11 accounts are actually the five former Spice Girls, and six men named Herb. Apparently, KFC was channeling the chain’s famous “eleven herbs and spices” chicken recipe that kick-started their success. So in the future, don’t be surprised if KFC doesn’t follow you back on Twitter.


The Proper Wing Eating Etiquette

Eating chicken wing vary in method based on a person’s preferences. According to FoodBeast, there is actually a right way and a wrong way to eat your beloved chicken wings. This video will teach you the proper wing eating etiquette to prevent struggling in the future.


PR 101: Don’t Be Stupid!              

A restaurant in Colorado has removed a bathroom sign that many deemed offensive and “promoted sexual assault.” The bathroom sign showed a man lifting a woman’s skirt, which comes at a time of the staggering amount of sexual harassment cases coming to light. Both owners claimed they didn’t mean to offend anyone and that the sign has been removed. 



Why it matters to you: Let data lead your business decisions.

Likely you have heard about how important data is to managing a successful business in the modern environment we all operate. The problem is that most of you aren’t really doing a great job either accessing or analyzing that data. The primary reason is that the data is raw and unformatted and you aren’t likely to become an amateur statistician in your spare time. This is a good news, bad news scenario. The data exists, but how do you make it work for you? The first step is to identify a deficiency in your business and then search for the data that is relevant to correcting it.

Some Cornell students did just this for the Circus Drive-In down on the Jersey Shore. Their efforts helped the owner of this seasonal operation minimize inventory loss and increase direct profits. For most operators, there isn’t an Ivy League school handy to do the math for you, however, there are plenty of other resources you can access. Whether you work with our partners at Orderly to manage and understand your inventory or a company that takes data from your POS and creates meaningful reporting like Upserve, there is no shortage of resources. So, what are you waiting for? Identify a problem and let the data determine your solution.



Why it matters to you: The restaurant industry lost the most jobs in the job-report’s history following both Hurricanes.

The restaurant industry has seen fairly drastic fluctuations in employment. More recently, the industry has taken a major hit in employment. In September, the U.S. economy lost more jobs than it added for the first time since 2010 due to the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Restaurants were actually hit the hardest with a total loss of 105,000 jobs which was “the largest one-month decline in the history of the jobs report.” After experiencing two Category 4 storms in both Texas and the Gulf Coast so close together, restaurants have raked up more than $100 million in damage.

In a data report by The Motley Fool, “restaurants in the Houston metro area suffered a nearly 50 percent collapse in sales the week of Harvey, while Miami and various regions of Florida saw a 25 percent drop in the week of Irma.” As many businesses continue to recover, a large percent have yet to reopen causing a ripple effect in unemployment. Eater reported that top chains are also feeling the effect from the devastation as Red Lobster stated a loss as much as $5.6 million in total profits following both storms. It will likely be as long as a year before some of these businesses are back up and running while leaning on the support of other up-and-running establishments. Here’s how you can help.

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