The Daily Rail: Make Your Hang... Over

Monday, February 13, 2017


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HACK: Expand Your Marketing Reach [Restaurant Hacks]

Want to expand your marketing reach? Why not do it with a partnership or relationship with local hotels?

BUSINESS: 5 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Are Not Restaurant Inventory Software

If you're tracking inventory on a spreadsheet, you're just throwing cash away. Here are five reasons why restaurant inventory management software trounces spreadsheets.




The Office Returns to Chili’s

When Pamela Beesly Halpert was banned for a lifetime from Chili’s man y fans of the show wanted to boycott. Well, she’s back and even Chili’s has decided it’s ok for her to return. Actor Jenna Fischer, who portrayed Halpert, posted a pick of herself in front a Chili’s. Maybe Michael will host “The Dundies” there again this year.

Marketing on a Tiny Budget [Infographic]

All restaurant managers are incredible generalist that have to cover every professional function from operations to human resources and typically with few extra resources to accomplish their job. This infographic does a great job of delivering 27 marketing strategies for those with little no budget. Our favorite is Start a Blog. You have so many things your guest would be interested in hearing from you. So sit and write 500 words about the industry every week and share it with your guests.

Make Your Hang…Over

We recently ran a post about Hang-over cures that delivered some great insight into everyone’s morning after nightmare. Well, leave it to folks form our industry to deliver even more insight in how to combat the pain of the hangover. These 24 ideas for cures make great social media posts as well as good instruction…just sayin’.



Why it matters to you: The Trump Administration is keeping their campaign promises with ICE raids picking up in many parts of the country

When it comes to your staff, if you have undocumented workers, these ramped up raids could be a major disruption. The ACLU has created an infographic that outlines how an undocumented person should respond in the face of a raid. No matter what your politics, if someone works for you, we assume that you care about them and that is why we are sharing this.

If they come to your business, some of the same suggested responses will apply. We strongly encourage you not to hire anyone without proper I-9 documentation, but if you have you can at least be prepared for might happen if ICE comes knocking on your door.



Why it matters to you: Fast Casual takeaway and delivery are trending, are you prepared

Under pressure to create more market presence and drive sales, Buffalo Wild Wings is exploring a fast-casual version of their signature restaurants. Marcato Capital Management has been taking runs at the BWW management since last October, and finally, the chain seems poised to respond by making a significant investment in this new concept.

They are also embarking on a 100 unit test of third party delivery. They claim that delivery orders tend to be 30% higher than on-premise checks. While we have been extolling the virtues of delivery for a while now, seeing BWW taking a big swing means they agree with us. We have always believed small chain and independents should allow the big players to do the hard work so that you can benefit from their approach. It appears BWW is leading the way again.



Why it matters to you: Is the competition for organic and natural grocery indicative of a wider trend?

Whole Foods announced they are closing 9 underperforming locations amid increased competition from major retailers like Walmart and Costco in organic/natural products. Add to that Wegman’s increasing presence and it might look bad for whole foods. However, what’s bad for them, might be a trend your restaurant can exploit.

Given that increased competition can only occur if there is increased demand and availability, you should explore where you can include organic/natural items on your menu. Millennials are especially interested in better quality over price and they represent the next major consumer segment. Give them what they crave before they go elsewhere to get it.