The Daily Rail: Would You Discount For Good Behavior?

Friday, February 17, 2017


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VIDEO: Eat Pray Love Shows the Positive Side of Food Relationship [HOW HOLLYWOOD SEES US]

This scene captures the dilemma so many of our guests experience. Often dining outcomes with recrimination for over consumption, but this moment in the movie Julia Roberts perfect explains why that makes no sense. The great quote is, “I’m having a relationship with my pizza!”


TIPPING: More Reader Responses to 'Why Tipping Sucks'

A couple weeks back we wrote about Why Tipping Sucks and some of our readers took offense. Here's why some restaurant owners think tipping is still the superior compensation practice.




Move Over Legal Seafood

Athletes are turning to opening restaurants in their retirement, but it appears Patriots receiver Julian Edelman is already day dreaming of opening a seafood joint – Edelman’s Catch. Check the hilarious video here!

Alexander Acosta as New Labor Secretary Pick

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that Alexander Acosta is his new pick to head the Department of Labor in replacement of Andy Puzder. Acosta served as assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division under President George W. Bush.


Large Pepperoni with a Side of Drugs?

One Domino’s customer was shocked to find an illegal offer inside their pizza – a calling card for drugs. The possible side orders? Weed, MDMA, pills, ketamine, coke and “much more.”


NBA Drops from a D to a G

The NBA D-League (aka their minor league association) is changing their name to the NBA G-League, thanks to a big sponsorship by Gatorade. Get ready to see Gatorade logos all over the place.



Why it matters to you: Immigration policy threatens to hit us where it hurts the most.

Yesterday, many restaurants in Philadelphia, DC and other parts of the country closed because of a “Day Without Immigrants” protest. The protest gave the country a glimpse into what life would be like should the aggressive raids, arrests, and deportations persist across America. Yesterday was what organizers call a “soft launch” for a wider strike slated to happen in May.

For many restaurants, it was a day without income which hurt overall sales. For the protestors, it was a day without much needed pay. Organizers are hoping that a widespread absence of immigrants in schools and businesses — both as workers and as customers — will show Americans how indispensable immigrants are to our communities.



Why it matters to you: would you discount for good behavior?

In the past, we’ve talked about kids’ behavior in restaurants affecting other guests. Well, one Italian restaurant provided a family with a 5% discount because their children were so well behaved. The restauranteur was impressed that the party’s five children had what he called “much composure” while dining in his restaurant. Overall this unique discount does provide an incentive to keep an extra eye on children to make sure they don’t cause chaos.

If you have a problem with children in your establishment, this is one method that may work to your benefit. Some restaurants have considered banning kids from their establishments altogether which is a much harsher approach. Other restaurants have seen success in avoiding children by not offering kid-friendly menu options. The last thing a restaurant needs are children running around and causing a safety hazard for not only them but also the staff.  



Why it matters to you: Do you know if your guests think you are rude?

Our business consists of routine and repetition. That sometimes leads us to behave in ways that can be truly annoying to our guests. Servers are busy folks with a myriad of tasks to accomplish in a finite time. Unfortunately, those responsibilities can occasionally cause them to be perceived as curt or rude. A writer on the Phoenix New Times site offered 5 things restaurants need to stop doing now. Chief among the complaints were issues like the pretentious tone servers can take with guests and stop interrupting.

Both are fair observations, but more important is the lesson that if you don’t know what bums your guests out you can’t fix it. We strongly encourage you to ask your guests the direct question, “Is there anything we are doing that annoys you?” While the answers may sting, what you will learn is invaluable to ensure you don’t continue to exhibit behavior that guests abhor.