The Daily Rail: How Many Ways Can You Say “Drunk?”

Friday, February 3, 2017


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GUESTS: Two Posters to Help Your Staff Avoid Food Allergy Incidents

No one wants to be the restaurant that sets off a guest's food allergy. Here are two useful posters to hang in your eatery to help aid your staff in keeping guests safe and happy.


WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Really Doesn’t Like Girl Scout Cookies [How Hollywood Sees Us]

There is little doubt perception of the celebrity chef includes a sense they are self-importance and arrogant. Turns out Gordon Ramsay is not the least bit interested in dispelling that belief in the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.





Getting Trashed Later?

Leave it to English-speaking world, but English has more than 3000 words for getting drunk. In fact, only words for sex and money outrank getting drunk. Some of our favs? Ramsquaddled, obfusticated, drunk as a thrush and wamble-cropped.

Premium Seats = Premium Prices

Attending Super Bowl LI is not cheap considering secondary tickets are currently selling for roughly $2,000. According to this infographic, premium tickets for premium sporting events will easily break a fan’s budget.

Infographic: Premium Seats at Premium Events = Premium Prices | Statista


Where’s the Beef?

According to the Seafood & Vegetarian CTR, 59% of consumers eat meatless meals at least once a week. It’s more proof that you need high-quality vegetarian or vegan options to keep guests satisfied.

GNC Rejected!

The NFL has rejected GNC’s Super Bowl ad? But not because it’s offensive or controversial. It’s because GNC is listed as a “prohibited company” by the NFL and NFLPA over banned substances in some of their products. Check out the banned commercial here.


Why it matters to you: customers often distort what believe based on perception.  

Wendy’s has been stepping up their game in recent days. This Sunday, Wendy’s is set to run their first ever Super Bowl ad and they tackle the false claims that their burgers are made from frozen beef. In the ad they poke fun at other enormous chains that do freeze their burger meat playing on the fact that they are “always fresh never frozen.” The ad also displays a web address, where they continue to poke fun at a frozen hamburger products via an infomercial.

One key aspect that Wendy’s is playing on involves customer perception. Many people believe what they perceive, in turn, that fresh beef tastes better; all of which Wendy’s sets the record straight. Not only is the ad funny, but it also contributes to a storytelling process that reinforces their brand. According to Wendy’s advertising agency, seven out of 10 consumers don’t believe Wendy’s exclusively uses unfrozen beef. Therefore these ads for the upcoming Super Bowl are much needed.



Why it matters to you: Give your staff a road map to follow for achieving their aspirations

The bartender’s role is among the most revered in our industry and therefore it should be no surprise that many servers aspire to get behind the stick. Managers that realize this and provide substantive direction to their aspiring servers accomplish several things simultaneously. First, you improve performance through competition, while also to creating bench strength through cross training so you never have to look too far for your next great bartender.

With the staffing woes we all experience, taking steps to ensure your most impactful positions are staffed by people prepared to immediately perform, it will only serve to improve our execution and ultimately our sales. Give anyone that wants to grow on your team, the steps they must take to achieve their goal and ultimately you will improve your own life along with that of those ambitious members of your team.



Why it matters to you: how are you supporting your community through leadership?

Restaurants can offer a taste of freedom for many guests as well as owners. This is especially true for two men recently imprisoned for murders they didn’t commit; now becoming business partners in a new Brooklyn restaurant. The two men met while in jail, where they both worked together for more than 20 years as jailhouse lawyers to acquit wrongfully convicted inmates, themselves included.

Neither of the men had any prior restaurant experience when they decided upon their new Jamaican style establishment. More importantly, they stressed the fact that they hire many employees who are having trouble finding jobs due to past felonies. “If your ego doesn’t stop you from picking up a broom and a mop and you want to work, we got you.” Building a community is an essential aspect of the restaurant business and rallying in support of people you sympathize with is the epitome of a purpose economy.