The Daily Rail: Don't Tell This $120k Lie

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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MARKETING: Six Mobile Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Even the smallest towns have more than one restaurant, and it seems like new establishments are opening all the time. In order to build a successful restaurant business, you need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are some creative mobile marketing strategies for restaurants to help you do just that.


INFOGRAPHIC: The 7-Minute Email Marketing Workout

Email marketing remains at the heart of any great digital marketing strategy for restaurants. Or, at least, it should. Here's how to give your restaurant's email marketing program a workout. Feel the gains.




That’s an Expensive Lie

Odeum, a seafood restaurant in California, just got smacked with a $120,000 fine for knowingly misleading guests on what fish they were serving. The eatery had been passing off tilapia as petrale sole for the past year. Have to wonder if it was worth it…


Champions League Goes to Turner Sports

The UEFA Champions League will be leaving Fox for Turner Sports, according to Sports Business Daily. Turner will pay $60 million for three years and will start broadcasting the soccer league in fall of 2018.

Most Effective Marketing for Local Restaurants

Street Fight Magazine, which covers “hyperlocal” business, released an infographic on the most effective marketing strategies for local restaurants. Any guesses on what the top three are? Not daily deals or coupons, that’s for sure.



Why it matters to you: Boston may be requiring some restaurants to serve plastic-only cups.

Bar fights happen every now and again but usually, end up fizzling out soon after they start. Apparently, this is not the case in Boston bars. A series of assaults with bar glasses and beer bottles has led the Boston Liquor Licensing Board to consider requiring bars where repeat offenses of glassware related assaults should only be allowed to serve plastic cups. Even worse, some of the establishments deemed to go “plastic” are considered high-end restaurants.

It is our job to keep our guests safe therefore when bar fight becomes violent; we are held responsible. Although we can’t control everything that happens in our establishments, we need to avoid trouble at all costs. This can involve keeping an extra set of manager's eyes in FOH or even behind the bar to regulate the possibility of overserving.       



Why it matters to you:  Stop struggling and add revenue with retail.

Restaurants across the country are struggling and closing. And with sales projections looking sour for the next couple of quarters, what’s a restaurant to do? The answer may be in retail. Chains like Cracker Barrel are leading the way with growth in retail. Even Taco Bell is experimenting with this strategy at their Las Vegas location selling bikinis and collectibles.

Back to Cracker Barrel, they saw almost 20% of their sales from Q3 of last year come from retail sales!  In fact they’re doubling down and have added new items like vinyl records and retro items to appeal to millennials. Firehouse subs sells hot sauces and Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant sells wine and wine paraphernalia. Sensing a trend? With some clever merchandising and a little creativity, you too can grow sales this way. It might be the answer to keeping your doors open.  



Why it matters to you: Sharing your views may be a satisfying, but at what cost.

Whether you lean left or right, you can’t deny people are far more engaged about politics than ever before. The proof is the fact that so many restaurant operators have been taking public positions regarding a variety of issues. This is especially true as pertains to things like immigration policy and minimum wage increase proposals. Some operators chose to close in solidarity with their immigrant employees, while others have given donations to organizations that align with their ideals.

It’s always a dicey choice to espouse politics in your restaurant. On the one hand, it feels good to exercise the influence you have earned by building your place in the community. However, on the other hand, you immediately alienate those opposed to your ideas to the detriment of your business. Look at Starbuck’s declaration they would hire 75,000 refugees in the coming years, the backlash was harsh and may even have impacted the coffee giant. While it’s called Free Speech, it doesn’t mean it is speech without consequences. As long as you accept that, tell ‘em what you think!