The Daily Rail: Ronald McDonald Said What?

Monday, March 20, 2017


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HACK: How to Chill Drinks on the Fly [Restaurant Hacks]

Frequently have busy nights and need to cool wine and drinks fast? A damp towel and some salt is your best friend. 




Space: The Culinary Frontier

Have you ever wondered what those astronauts on the International Space Station call dinner? Well, if you are visiting Paris anytime soon visit Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx at the Mandarin Oriental and you can find out. Every Tuesday this March they are hosting a dinner featuring the weekly special meals enjoyed by Thomas Pesquet while he spent six months on the ISS. Lucllus Ox Tongue at 241 miles above the Earth sounds heavenly.


Ronald McDonald Said What?

McDonald’s had to yank a tweet today after a hacker used the chain’s official Twitter account to call Donald Trump “a disgusting excuse of a President.” “Also you have tiny hands,” the post asserted. The post was reportedly pulled a few minutes later. McDonald’s acknowledged to the media that its account was hacked and said it was investigating the breach.


Is This Heaven? No It’s Dublin

If you're free the night of April 24, you could be the first person to ever spend the night inside Dublin's Guinness Storehouse. On that night, Airbnb will transform the brewery's famous Gravity Bar into a loft apartment for one lucky winner and their guest. All you have to do is be at least 21 years old and answer the question "What makes you the world's biggest Guinness fan?"



Why it matters to you: Do you have a crash kit in case of POS failure?

It’s a scene none of us ever want to experience! The POS goes out in the middle of your highest revenue period and suddenly it’s back to the dark ages. Such was the case this past week with Square. If you aren’t familiar with Square, they are a process charges for millions of operators across North America. They acknowledged an outage due to a software update, but had little to say otherwise, much to the chagrin of the thousands of operators left with no way process payments.

It’s a terrible reminder that you should always have a back-up system in case of power outages and processor issues. You can assume if it hasn’t happened to you recently that it will eventually and get ready by creating a crash box. Include in it multipart paper charge slips and a manually credit card imprinting swiper. Also, include paper guest checks and a few calculators to insure that you can present guests with their bill if things happen mid shift. By preparing you aren’t never without recourse if circumstances deal you a lousy hand.


Why it matters to you: Here is now not to handle the controversy of transgender bathroom use

Here’s a simple truth, like it or not…folks who identify as transgender are among us and have been for thousands of years. Yes, over the past 10 years, they have been able to step out of the shadows, but that doesn’t make them a new component of our society. So, when the so called bathroom bill in North Carolina caused the firestorm last year, many operators were forced to at least consider a policy (irrespective of politics). Well, it appears one operator in Oklahoma City, didn’t only consider a policy he posted it on his front door.

82 year old Bob Warner of the Steak and Catfish Barn, posted two signs about his bathroom on the front door. The first one reminded guests that the bathrooms were for them exclusively, but the second was more direction or even threat to those that would use the “wrong bathroom”. You can check the sign out here. Was it necessary? Was Bob looking for the boogey man or defining the rules at his business as is his right? We’ll be straight (pun intended), it makes sense to be aware of this issue, but to make it a public statement is just politics and has no tangible meaning to your business.


Hero Image Courtesy of CBS News