Denny's or KFC for the Social Media Win?

Big chains are trying pretty hard to get guests attention on social media, so they’ve been thinking outside the box with the marketing techniques. Successful campaigns make us think and interact with content in unconventional ways and provide unique experiences.

We’ve talked about how Wendy’s Twitter account is run by social media royalty; now take a look at these two marketing ploys run by Denny’s and KFC on social media. Which do you think is the social media winner? 

KFC's #CleanEating Burger

First, we'll start with KFC. Earlier this year, KFC UK and Ireland announced they were going to try to target a new audience outside their usual customer base. They introduced their #CleanEating Burger made from cauliflower in partnership with food blogger Figgy Poppleton-Rice

It apparently contained a chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yogurt, ice cube relish, “spiralized” chicken breast, and 100% British kale.

They got exactly what they wanted -- their customers to freak.

KFC 2.jpg

After social media temporarily exploded, KFC released their full video explaining the burger in detail.

Denny's goes on a philosophical treasure hunt 

Denny’s jumped on board with the zoom features now available on multiple social platforms. Their latest social media campaign turned their regular content into a scavenger hunt. This was a great marketing tactic considering nearly 80% of social media content is viewed via mobile devices.

Open the original tweet for the best view.

We’ll make it easier to see what exactly is going on after you zoom on the syrup.

Not really something you would expect from a chain pancake restaurant. Twitter followers seem to have mixed feeling about their attempt at an unusual way to attract our attention. But the tweet has already racked up more than 120,000 retweets and just over 169,000 likes.

Brands are definitely stepping up their game with creativity. Who emerges social media victorious?

Have you done some creative or off-beat marketing? Let us know in the comments below or emails us!