The Daily Rail: Twitter Begins Streaming eSports

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


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WATCH: St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts [Under 60 Seconds]

Are you ready for the bagpipes and green clad guests that will fill your bar this Patrick's Day? Do you know how much the average guest spends during this drinking "holiday?" We have the answers and more fun facts on this delightful day in under 60 seconds.


SOCIAL MEDIA: How to Boomerang in Your Restaurant

If you haven't heard of the Boomerang feature that's taken social media by storm then you're falling behind! Learn exactly what the Boomerang feature is, how to use it, and how to incorporate it into your restaurant's social media marketing strategy.




Twitter Begins Streaming eSports

We’ve been saying that eSports is a relatively untapped market for sports bars and restaurants. The fan base is large and rabid, and now Twitter is getting in on the action by livestreaming some of the action. They’ll be showing 15 events this year.


Kona Sued For Not Actually being Hawaiian

Two Cali-beer drinkers are suing Kona Brewing Co. for falsely being led to believe that the beer was actually made in Hawaii. Most of the beer is actually made in the continental US. This is pretty similar to when MillerCoors was sued because Coos Light isn’t actually made in the Rockies.


The Taco Bell Wedding Gown

Taco Bell is all about weddings nowadays. And one woman wants to win the Taco Bell wedding contest so badly she created a wedding dress made out of the restaurant’s food wrappers. A+ for creativity and dedication, but how did she get all those wrappers?



Why it matters to you: More advertising channels to be aware of.

Did you know there are more than 150 million people watching and sharing stories on Instagram? Did you also know that you can now advertise in stories? What’s so cool about this particular advertising channel is that it’s super effective. Airbnb, one of the companies to test this feature before release reported that viewers were more likely to remember the ad. They were also more likely to choose Airbnb after viewing the ad.

So why does it work, and what makes stories different? For one thing, the story takes up the whole screen which means zero distractions. Another key feature is mindset. Users know what they’re getting into, 10-15 seconds of your content, which means they’re already engaged and paying attention. This is evident in the results from Airbnb’s research. If you’re already advertising on Facebook, expanding to Instagram Stories is easy. So far it seems it’s worth the investment, so why not give it a shot?



Why it matters to you: McDonald’s is leading from behind on mobile ordering

When McDonald’s announces they are launching mobile ordering and payment in 20,000 locations worldwide, you know it’s time for you to get on the bandwagon. The fast food giant is not simply taking mobile orders in advance, but they are also adding curbside delivery and kiosk order payment via the app. Most of our small chain and independent operators don’t have the capacity to mirror this initiative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on board.

Start by exploring mobile delivery and see what happens. Promote it to your guests so they know they can get the food they love from your kitchen directly to their home. If that brings you success, then you can explore online ordering and other methods of expanding your reach and serving your guests on demand.



Why it matters to you: Employee referrals tend to stay employed longer than traditional hires.

Staffing your team is always a difficult task, how do you know if your choice is the right fit? According to Entrepreneur, one small creative agency with locations a California and Minneapolis are recruiting their staff via online communities and relationship building. In addition to the company’s unusual staffing procedure, the article also provides six talent acquisition hacks to help accurately staff your team.

The restaurant industry is reliant on staffing a functioning well-communicating team. Although hiring via online community or referral might be a risk, we need to take into consideration how digital or personal recommendations translate into positive work ethic. Teamwork and time management are essential when hiring in the restaurant industry.