The Daily Rail: Why Are NYC's Female Chefs Held Back?

Friday, March 10, 2017


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INFOGRAPHIC: Facts & Stats Restaurants Should Know About Instagram in 2017

Looking to use Instagram to bolster your restaurant's social media efforts? Know the app's demographics, the best time to post, and other useful facts in this infographic.


MARKETING: How to Get More Restaurant Visits from Your Email List

It’s so clear that restaurant owners and marketers have a love/hate relationship with email. On one hand, you want people on your list. The more you’ve got, the better chance some of them will redeem some of those crazy offers you’re sending. Seriously. It’s a numbers game




Who Doesn’t Want an IPA Hot Tub?

Scotland-based BrewDog is opening a hotel & brewery in Ohio called Doghouse. And they promise each room to have an IPA hot tub, minibars in the shower, and beer on tap in every room. It’s a beer-lover’s paradise.


Drone Racing: The Future of Sports?

Everyone loves to talk about drones being tools of war, but they’re also making their way into competitive sports. Drone racing is growing in popularity and is expected to be the next big thing. Ready to show it at your sports bar?

Best Pop-Up in the Seven Kingdoms

Blood & Wine, a Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant, made a buzz in Edinburgh the last couple of months. The pop-up had GoT-themed drinks and food, and the ambiance to match. Check out the menu.



Why it matters to you: Robots are taking over the world

It seems a day doesn’t pass without some news related to automation of our industry. With McDonald’s recently announcing they are committing to mobile ordering and big kiosk investments, the conversation is renewed. Whether it’s the successes some restaurants are experiencing with their kiosk implementations like Panera and Wendy’s or new technology for food production, it appears labor relief might be on the way. Sure you will still need to staff to take orders and prep food in some capacity the idea of automation is taking the restaurant business by storm.

Take the story of “flipper” the automated hamburger turner being employed by CaliBurger. His presence frees employees to focus on other tasks and improves the efficiency of existing staff. Also, the just announced Robot Bar being proposed in the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas is further proof automation technology is the now, not the future. Most of the operators that populate The Rail are full-service folks who may not see the immediacy, but time will tell how this automation affect their businesses. For the moment, we get to watch as labor and efficiency woes are addressed with these new technologies.



Why it matters to you: Female chefs could be discriminated against in the hiring process.

Hotel restaurants are designed specifically for the hospitality guest experience in mind. In a recent Eater article, Times critic Pete Wells evaluates the increased popularity in big name chefs establishing hotel restaurants most with an eyebrow-raising trend; none of these kitchens include females. Women chefs are equally as successfully trained with culinary skills but seemed to not have been included in the hiring process of the multiple new hotel restaurants. The article goes on to discuss how current financial trends in restaurants compare to the 1990’s.  

The lack of gender diversity in these up-and-coming restaurants is rather surprising. Culinary is becoming a rising career prevalent among female chefs as well as male. Although the reasoning behind staffing is unclear, women run kitchens are more common now which proves that the restaurant industry is progressive in terms of gender.