The Daily Rail: McDonald’s Now Accepting ‘Snaplications’

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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PODCAST: How Can Sports Bars Market More Around Sports?

In this podcast, sports bar managers will learn how sports bars can better market themselves to fans. Learn how to speak the 'sports fan language' and engage fans in-person and on-line.


SPORTS: Kick Off the NHL Centennial with 125th Stanley Cup Playoffs

This year marks a couple of milestones for the National Hockey League. The league is celebrating its 100th anniversary and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the 125th time the Stanley Cup will be awarded. You can access the current schedule here.




Service with a Smile

We’re all guilty of giving that fake smile because we’re truly over tired. According to BBC, there are actually 19 different types of smiles and only six of them are for happiness. Many smiles have found to hide some “less than happy feelings.” Click here for the secrets behind the smile.


The Masters

The Masters wrapped up on Sunday and Sergio Garcia emerged victorious in his first major golf tournament. Garcia and British runner-up Justin Rose were all tied up after the final round then went to the playoffs where Garcia sunk the winning putt. What a nice putt.  

I’d Tap That

Beer tech is booming. The latest from the beer techies is a beer gadget made to convert regular beer bottles into great tasting draught beer. Fizzics Waytap uses sound waves to convert the beer’s natural carbonation into a “densely compacted true tasting tap beer.” Check out the full video from Waytap’s Kickstarter campaign.



Why it matters to you: McDonalds is recruiting potential employees via Snapchat.

It’s no secret that millennials are well-adapted to their social media platforms. McDonald’s Australia is using this, specifically Snapchat, as a golden opportunity to recruit new employees. The global fast food chain has started a new “Snaplications” campaign that essentially uses Snapchat to attract potential applicants. reports that the feature will allow McDonald’s applicants to send a 10-second video to the McDonald’s snap account and will function as a preliminary job application. McDonald’s hiring team will then review the videos and send each person a link to the company’s careers page to fill out a full application.

In addition to allowing potential applicants snap-in their hiring interests, the Snapchat lens also lets users place a virtual hat and nametag on themselves to digitally see what they might look like as an employee. Although the “Snaplication” links back to a traditional job application form, McDonald’s is taking a creative approach to attract their younger demographic. It’s too early to tell whether the social media approach to hiring has increased the number of applicants, but we can all agree that thinking outside of the box can definitely pay off in the long term.



Why it matters to you: these tips can help reduce the added stress experienced in the kitchen.

Aside from open kitchen layouts, most restaurant kitchens are not exactly the most calm of environments. Restaurant Business Online recommends five ways to reduce stress in the kitchen which can lead to an increase in overall productivity and a lower employee turnover. A couple strategies recommended include references to the buying and inventory process to keep produce fresh while ensuring there is never a shortage. In addition, one of the most helpful ways to deal with pressure in the kitchen is to embrace some of the stress in a healthy way.

Restaurants and food service establishments are facing a lot of pressure to do more with less and this is scaring off many workers. Although working in a kitchen is a physically and emotionally taxing job, there are multiple ways to prepare kitchen staff that will ease some of the anxiety. Usually, the energy in the kitchen comes down to the manager who must have “a mix of competence and confidence” when leading the team to ensure productivity is at its highest.