The Daily Rail: Woman Charged With DUI After Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


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BUSINESS: Ayesha Curry to Open Her Own BBQ Restaurant in San Francisco

In the span of only a few short years, Ayesha started her own blog, operated her own pop-up restaurant, wrote her own cookbook, has her own show on the Food Network, and followed that by branded meal kits, upcoming cookware line, and now her own brick-and-mortar restaurant.



Delivery Guy of the Year

An Amtrak train full of passengers was stranded between NYC and D.C. for over six hours. One man, in particular, got so hangry that he ordered a pizza to the broken down train requiring the pizza guy to hop over the embankment to deliver the pizza. Even better, there’s a video.   


Army Food Hacks

Soldiers often are far from a field kitchen when eating their meals, and have changed the way food is consumed. BBC got an inside look at how army rations have evolved through research over the years and how their food resists the heat, bacteria, and spoiling.



Social media has transformed the way we attend events. This infographic from Adweek shows us how 82% of couples create a custom hashtag for gettin’ hitched, whereas 900 million wedding pins are saved to Pinterest for wedding day inspiration.



Why it matters to you: top chains are trying to keep up with their competitors.

Burgers and beer are at the heart of the restaurant scene and Burger King is trying to hop on that train. According to the DNAinfo, a NYC franchise recently approached the local community board about obtaining a liquor license for their Burger King restaurant chain. However, the NYC community board was already overwhelmed with liquor license applications, therefore, delaying the process. Adding liquor to Burger King’s menu is an interesting way to expand their brand image while catering to new customers. In the UK, many Burger King locations already offer beer selection since back in 2014 and have done quite well since.

This trend is surprisingly slow to catch on to the big chains with only one BK location in NYC that serves beer. Burger King isn’t the only chain to capitalize on selling alcoholic drinks, especially as a way to tempt customers to eat more. Last year, Chipotle introduces a beer happy hour, and starting last April, Taco Bell Canada announced it will start serving beer and frozen alcoholic drinks. With so many restaurant chains on the market, establishments have been struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors which are where we are seeing many introductions of menus featuring alcohol.



Why it matters to you: a woman was charged with a DUI after drinking non-alcoholic beer.

A Japanese woman has been charged with a DUI after drinking 15 non-alcoholic beers which boosted her blood alcohol content to four times over the legal limit. The women’s compact car slammed into oncoming traffic, hitting a van with a four-year-old girl and her father inside. The 23-year-old driver of the compact car that caused the accident, reportedly told police she had only had non-alcoholic beer and did not think she posed a threat. In Japan, most non-alcoholic beers have 0.00 percent alcohol content ranging from up to 0.5 percent.

Japan’s legal blood alcohol content limit is .03 percent which is notoriously stricter than the United States. However, drinking non-alcoholic beer really shouldn’t have caused any level intoxication even drinking roughly 15 beers. It is important to keep in mind that many non-alcoholic beers do indeed have small amounts of alcohol in them. We are tasked with the challenge to gauge whether a guest has reached their limit even drinking regular drinks. This concept is directly related to the recent death of a 16-year-old South Carolina boy who overdosed on caffeine after drinking energy drinks too quickly. Overall it is extremely difficult to predict someone’s limit, but when in doubt, common sense when serving always prevails.