The Daily Rail: Personal Kitchens Could Kill Restaurants

Friday, May 5, 2017


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HACK: Get Rid of Fruit Flies, Use Fireball [Restaurant Hacks]

Tired of pesky fruit flies invading your kitchen or bar? Give 'em a shot of Fireball whiskey.




Frickin’ Frork

McDonald’s has introduced an original “Frork” utensil designed with French fry prongs to coincide with the launch of its “Signature Crafted Recipe” burgers. The thought behind the totally useless gadget is to scoop up the access toppings that fall out of the burger.


Police Probs

The owner of a barbecue chain in North Carolina has apologized to police after his staff sang N.W.A.’s “F**k Tha Police” while officers ate there. Managers and dishwashers reportedly joined in on the song. Not a good look for staff morale.



A new study from the University of Greenwich found that three or four beers can ease your pain better than over the counter painkillers. The study found that when a person brings their blood alcohol content to the legal limit of .08 percent, that person’s pain tolerance is elevated.



Why it matters to you: soon California will allow personal kitchens to become restaurants.

Legislation passed in California’s state Health Committee last week that would make residents legally allowed to sell homemade food out of their personal kitchens for a profit. The bill was originally introduced last February to the west coast state with the intention to create “a pathway to attain income self-sufficiency and achieve [the] ‘American dream’ of success.” Unfortunately for us, this could be yet another thing that could potentially take away some of our business. Advocates for the bill say that it will provide opportunities for people to become “entrepreneurs in their right,” especially those in need of additional income.

With the increasing threats, restaurants are facing in recent days, it’s difficult to tell whether this will have an impact. We’ve talked about how the steady rise of “grocerants” (restaurants offered in grocery stores) have taken a chunk of restaurants’ revenue. While working in the restaurant industry, we must be aware of all the potential threats that could potentially hurt our business. According to a Food & Wine article, many Californians have already been selling food from their kitchens without the bill, therefore, it is hard to determine whether this concept will catch on in the future. As of now, it’s a trend to keep on your radar.



Why it matters to you: Mexican pop-up is aimed at developing the community.

Restaurants have continued to benefit the community in multiple ways. The Noma Mexico pop-up restaurant is doing just that for the Yucatan community with a new bar menu. Head Chef Rene Redzepi has announced plans to launch a scholarship fund for culinary students to eat for free in addition to other charitable benefits. Beginning yesterday, Noma Mexico will also offer a $100 bar menu at the Tulum pop-up, with $90 of every menu going to the Mundo Maya Foundation, a charity that supports “the sustainable social and economic development of Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula.” Reservations for the pop-up immediately sold out through the closing date.

The $100 menu (tax and service not included) incorporates four savory courses, one dessert, and beverages, all made with the local ingredients and materials that have inspired Redzepi, some of those sourced through the Munda Maya Foundation. One of the driving factors that makes this pop-up so successful are because of the quality of food and the perfect location. Tulum has a vibrant tourist drawing and an ethical reasoning behind bettering their community. Often, many diners (including millennials) collectively will spend more money if they know it’s going towards a worthy cause. Noma is catering to that notion while also incorporating local fresh ingredients in an elegant dining experience.