Why Are We Doing The Football Marketing Bootcamp?

In the 13+ years, I have operated the SportsTV Guide, we have made lots of different tries to bring additional value and give you a reason to stick around. Clearly, that strategy is working because we are still in business and you are receiving this message. To that same motivation, I am truly excited to offer you a preview of the content in our Football Marketing Bootcamp. I have to take a moment and thank the folks from Frank’s King of Wings for participating as a sponsor. They are showing the same commitment we are to delivering content that you can access, on your terms.

We have partnered with 3 other partners to deliver an opportunity to hear from your peers, thought leaders in their industry and all for free and on your own computer via YouTube. There will various formats including Q&A, relevant presentations, and panel discussions. This program consists of 4 one-hour sessions on topics that matter to you…and yes, according to you, because these were the answers to our recent survey. Without further adieu, the winners are:

1. Leveraging Football For Year-Round Marketing

Presented by BuzzTime this segment will focus on how to make every guest visit count to build your other programs. A combination of good technology focus and old fashion training can make football the ramp you use to grow your business

2. Ready For Revenue: Maximizing the Guide Experience  

Presented by HotSchedules, here we work through earning the trust of your guest's trust and respect by making the entire visit feel like it was effortless and pleasant. It’s these skills that turn restaurants in chains.

3. Making Fantasy Football Work for Your Business 

Ahh, the age of conundrum, how do we make fantasy work in a restaurant setting? Well, it’s important to know both what works and what doesn’t. Here you will be able to ask some questions and hear from those that make it work. This will be the session The Rail and SportsTV Guide present.

4. All Sports Are Social (sponsored by ZenReach):

Moderator Rob Cressy of Cress Media in Chicago leads this discussion of social for restaurants, with a heavy focus on new techniques…especially video. Learn what these easy to do things can mean for your social reach.

Access is easy, just to visit our site via this link, then you can watch the event live and access the comment to ask questions of our presenters. These are thought leaders who can help you solve that tricky problem or see it differently. Additionally, there will be a site where you can access them again and we will run them as content for our daily newsletter.

So look for the dedicated announcement tomorrow. We just wanted to give our SportsTV Guide subscribers first preference for registration.

This is our most ambitious program to date and it is in service of our clients. Your loyalty allows us to put together content that speaks to the heart of your business challenges. This may be the first major event, but we promise it won’t be the last. Look for the next Bootcamp this fall. There are always topics to cover and problems to solve, so enjoy our chance to do our share.


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