The Daily Rail: Things Only Chefs Notice in Restaurants

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


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BUSINESS: How To Cook Up The Best Restaurant Business Plan

Starting a restaurant may sound like a daunting challenge. There’re just so many elements to think about! From your restaurant’s concept to staffing and operational plans, it’s easy to overlook certain areas before your launch.




Gamer On

17 NBA teams are set to play in an e-sports league. The teams will have five human players competing in video games stretching out over the course of an actual NBA season. There also will be playoffs and a championship round.


Mario Batali: Hire Us!

In a recent interview, celebrity chef Mario Batali said the waiters at his restaurants can make $140,000 a week. His waiters make $12 an hour on top of tips, but the tips are bringing the cash money. He goes on to mention how changes in the minimum wage could impact his staff’s steep paychecks.


Pepsis Are Now Weapons

In further backlash from Pepsi’s Kendal Jenner Ad, May Day (International Workers Day) protesters reportedly ‘Shared a Pepsi’ with cops by throwing cans at them. A march in Portland was intended to be peaceful when police found protesters launching Pepsi cans at officers.



Why it matters to you: bars have become much more than a place to drink.  

Restaurants and pubs have become a breeding ground for unusual activities that draws a diverse crowd. BBC recently featured an article that examines how bars and pubs have evolved into much more than a place to drink. Across the Britain, community owned pubs have been hosting actives like massage, lullabies for babies and financial advice. These community-owned pubs are backed by the British government where the latest initiative is a £3.62 million ($4.68 million), 2-year program offering business support and funding to build the community. Around 80 community pubs have now opened around the country, while around 1,500 pubs have been granted approval. This trend has taken a different form in the United States.

According to the article, recent research has found that “people frequenting a thriving local pub with various actives were significantly happier, had more friends and better life satisfaction than their counterparts.” This is a trend that we’ve been noticing in the U.S. with the rise of unique activities including beer yoga, dog-friendly nights, and various game events. Many new establishments are extremely successful upon opening because they are catering to this concept; the idea that bars and pubs are a place for people to interact, have fun, and build relationships. Pretty soon it may become normal to host various events to support and drive engagement among the community.



Why it matters to you: what do you notice when you go to restaurants?

Working in the service industry has us constantly noticing small things whenever we go out to eat. Thrillist recently featured an article called “Things Only Chefs Notice in Restaurants,” which consists of a long list of minor effects that contribute to the overall dining experience. Chefs don’t just look at the menu or their server, they pay attention to the little things that the average diner may miss. Some of the more obscure things were light bulbs, the plates the food are served on, and water. Often when chefs dine in a restaurant, they notice things that may not even be perfect in their own restaurants as well due to the different perspective.

Dining in restaurants is a very different viewpoint than working in restaurants. This article gives a great representation of various chefs’ experiences on what bothered them and why. Often when there are countless responsibilities to track, we overlook the minor details which could be a contributing factor. Many management teams at some establishments are required to dine at the restaurant occasionally to see the service from all perspectives. Therefore, they will notice small details that could get overlooked otherwise.