The Daily Rail: What Are the Biggest Challenges Restaurants Face in 2017?

MARKETING: The 2017 Football Marketing Bootcamp Syllabus

The 2017 Football Marketing Bootcamp is in two weeks. It's everything a sports bar needs to market football to fans -- from fantasy football leagues, to social media, to scheduling and entertainment. Here’s what each of the four sessions will cover.

Don’t forget to register for the Free Live Stream event taking place on June 27th.

MARKETING: Why Restaurants Need Synchronized Marketing

Have you heard of synchronized marketing? Integrated marketing has been the norm for almost 20 years, but with the emergence of social media, it’s high time we take a look at how we market restaurants. Here’s how synchronized marketing differs from integrated marketing and how it can aid your marketing efforts.


 RIP Mr. Hawaiian Pizza Inventor

Few things polarize people more than Hawaiian pizza. Love it or hate it, it’s creator, Sam Panopoulous died at the age of 83. Godspeed, good sir!

The Restaurant of Order Mistakes

A Japan pop-up restaurant is raising awareness to dementia. The pop-up is called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes and hired only waiters with dementia. The chances of having your order wrong is pretty high. The restaurant group plans on doing similar for World Alzheimer’s Day in September.

Nashville Really Hates Mike Milbury

Mike Milbury has always been a contentious personality in the NHL, but Nashville is having none of his antics. They’ve been on him every day since he called Nashville’s star defenseman, PJ Subban, a clown. Predator fans chanted “get the f**k out of Nashville” on live TV and NBC offered hats to Pred fans if they gave up their anti-Milbury signs. If only their team showed as much fight in the Cup finals.


Why it matters to you: If Uber can look inward at their leadership style, shouldn’t you?

Leadership is a regular subject of conversation on The Daily Rail. So, when Uber announced Sunday that it would accept the recommendations of an investigation led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, it came with wide ranging consequences.

To start, the company will take away discretionary control from executives; a previous report addressed issues of sexual harassment and bias. Uber’s embattled CEO, Travis Kalanick, may also be taking a hiatus, if the reports are accurate. While he is mourning the loss of his mother in a recent boating accident, Kalanick has brought much of this scrutiny on himself by not adjusting his leadership style the size and scope of a global company.

Uber board member Arianna Huffington said in March that Kalanick needed to change his leadership style from that of a “scrappy entrepreneur” to be more like a “leader of a major global company.” We couldn’t agree more. There is a clear analogy to how managers evolve in your operations. How many times has a successful assistant struggled with the different leadership context inherent in the general manager’s job? It might be a good idea to review the management styles of your overall management team and make sure they are appropriate to the positions.

Here is a chance to add training and experience that will improve your bench strength and elevate the quality of your team’s leadership. Let Uber’s problems be your motivation to do better before someone demands it of you.


Why it matters to you: Knowing what your peers are concerned about can either confirm or redirect your own challenges.

The Welcome Conference was held in NYC last week. It’s an industry event that includes some of the most successful and influential folks in our industry getting together to share thought leadership and influence the direction of the restaurant industry.

This year’s theme was the conflict and challenges at restaurants. It was a fascinating opportunity to hear what the most prominent folks in our industry see as their greatest challenge and how they are approaching those challenges.

Predictably, there were some old themes that will never really go away with many of the participants focusing on labor challenges. From attracting the best folks to the income disparity between FoH and BoH employees, these operators sound just like any of us in the industry. Their thoughts may only confirm what you are already worried about or may alert you to issues that may be on your horizon.

No doubt, hearing what these leaders are concerned about (and what they are doing about it) can only help you better imagine your own solutions.