The Daily Rail: Pre-Shift: Where Leaders Truly Lead

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


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MARKETING: Bar Marketing Strategies for Football Season

If you want big crowds during football season, start getting into game condition now. Just like a star quarterback, it’s important to plan out your plays in advance. When game day arrives, you’ll be ready with game-winning strategies that will turn average guests into raving fans.



Snapchat Falls Behind

The marketing world has expressed some skepticism about using Snapchat as a reliable marketing platform. According to a recent report by the Social Media Examiner, Snapchat falls in last place for where marketers are spending their advertising dollars. Oh Snap.

Infographic: Marketers Have Yet to Embrace Snapchat | Statista


Netflix n’ Chill

Everyone has been on your case about watching their favorite Netflix show. Now your queue is stacked with weeks’ worth of shows to watch and now you don’t know where to start. Here are the most popular Netflix shows in every state. Can you guess what your state’s show is?


I Just Ate WHAAT?!

An animal rights group conducted an undercover investigation and found that many tourists in Bali have been tricked into eating kababs made of dog meat. Eating dog meat isn’t illegal in Bali but does provide some unpleasant side effects. Bark Bark BARF!



Why it matters to you: Full-service restaurants are leaving diners unsatisfied.

The restaurant industry has been evolving at a rapid pace. Most recently new technology-based concepts such as fast casual and mobile ordering have been introduced into many establishments, and guests are growing accustomed to the changes. Unfortunately, now sit-down restaurants are leaving many diners unsatisfied. Customer satisfaction with full-service restaurants has dropped 3.7% whereas fast-food chains are holding steady.

Industry analysts have pointed the finger at changes in demographic as part of the problem. Statistics have shown that Millennials, the largest generation in America, prefer to cook at home and spend less when eating out.

CBS News ranked individual full-service fast-food chains based on the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, which saw lowest industry scores in more than 10 years. For full-service chains, the highest scores came from Cracker Barrel and Texas Roadhouse, while Red Robin and TGI Fridays were among the lowest. For the first time, fast-food restaurants are actually scoring higher in consumer satisfaction than their higher-end rivals. Restaurants including Chick-fil-A and Panera are beginning to dominate the industry.



Why it matters to you: Pre-shift is a daily opportunity to inspire and inform your team…be a leader.

There are few things in our industry as “uncontroversial” as the pre-shift meeting. These daily doses of 86 reminders and reservations review can become tedious and lose their purpose if you aren’t focused on making them matter. At last week’s Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, several operators responded to a question from fellow operators on best practices for pre-shift. This elicited thoughtful and considered responses from the panel.

Gary Obligacion of The Alinea Group in Chicago said: “It depends on the day. So much of it is actually knowing your team, and having a pulse on what that team needs with that day.” Ashley Christiansen, who owns seven restaurants in the Raleigh NC market, described her use of pre-shift to inform and inspire her team.

If you aren’t doing a daily shift meeting before all day parts, then you have to ask yourself, why? If you’re not focusing on your agenda to solidify your team or excite them to better their performance, then why again? Leaders lead and pre-shift is a perfect time to implement that leadership. Don’t miss it by not taking it seriously.