The Daily Rail: UberEats Will Deliver Girl Scout Cookies

Monday, June 26, 2017


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Airline Drama

Qatar Airways wants to buy over $800 million worth of American Airlines stock. American said that it will respond to the deal “in due course” but case in point, AA is not happy. Qatar Airways has friction with some of their neighbors but remains one of the Middle East’s biggest airlines. Seatbelts fastened.

Smoothie Talk

Comedy Central’s hit show Broad City returns later this summer and in anticipation, the network released a teaser that’s pretty hilarious. Abbi and Ilana making smoothies will be the best thing you see all week ;-) (Some minor language).


UberEats Delivers Girl Scout Cookies

UberEats will now send girl scout cookies to your door in Orlando. The deal comes with some restrictions including it’s only available Monday-Thursday and you must order a minimum of three boxes (which really isn’t a problem). Feel free to tip your Uber driver in thin mints.


Why it matters to you: McDonald’s is trying to take back the lead in fast food.

Fast food chains have been under pressure to offer consumers the freshest available products for the best price to keep up with demand. McDonald’s is the most recent food chain to take a different, more sustainable approach to their supply chain. McDonald’s has come under scrutiny from the general public for being “a symbol of unhealthy, manufactured food.” In an attempt to change this reputation, the brand has been pushing suppliers to raise cage-free chickens, improve living conditions for livestock, while also removing artificial ingredients many of their products.

Since removing artificial ingredients from their chicken products, the chain has seen a 10% increase in McNugget sales as a direct result.  

Two of McDonald’s primary consumer targets, Millennials and parents, have made it clear that they will only purchase quality ingredients from dining establishments. Changing the source of their menu options are not the only changes happening with the brand. McDonald’s announced last week they are ending their sponsorship deal with the Olympic Games which is estimated to save the brand millions. This comes at a time when top executives are taking a step back to evaluate the brand has a whole. These business decisions show that McDonald’s is serious about regaining the lead among restaurant chains.



Why it matters to you: A story where a restaurant’s rules were managed by the homeless.

Restaurant operators have the right to set rules and standards for how guest present themselves when visiting. No hats, hats on backward, droopy jeans, exposed tattoos and the like are perfectly legal, but can sometimes cause a confrontation with the guest. Once such story out of Manchester England, had a diner driving an hour to experience a special restaurant for a special occasion. When he arrived wearing sandals, the restaurant turned him away because they don’t allow them as footwear in the dining room. What happened next is a wonderful moment of humanity and kindness.

Too often our best intentions end up becoming a guest’s nightmare. Of course, the restaurant must maintain consistency on their rules for attire. You can’t have a rule that is ignored on a whim. However, showing compassion with those rules or finding a solution so that guests don’t have to, should be your approach. How you ask? Just put yourself in the guest’s shoes (pun intended) when it comes to rules. Then prepare a solution that won’t make the guest feel badly and allow them access to your services. In that way, you are protecting your integrity but not making a homeless person find a solution so the guest can visit your restaurant…just sayin’.

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