The Daily Rail: Snickers Bars Will Now Tell You ‘Your Hanger Level’

Monday, July 3, 2017


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SOCIAL MEDIA: 6 Ways to Use Snapchat in Your Restaurant Marketing

So, how could you use Snapchat for your restaurant? Here are some ideas that could get your Snapchat restaurant marketing off the ground.



The King of Candy

In case you didn’t already have a reason to appreciate Snickers’ brand, now you will for sure. The company released its latest marketing ploy that labels the company’s products as hunger symptoms to coincide with their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” tagline.


Blue Apron Going Public

Blue Apron has announced they intend to go public for potential investors. In the process, the meal kit delivery service expected their value to be a rough $3 billion but was priced at $2 billion. Apparently, investors aren’t hungry for a company making little profit. Blue Apron is also now competing with Amazon’s Whole Foods deal. Aprons ready. Get set. Go.  

Americans Barely Get Paid Time Off

Roughly 38% of U.S. workers have 10-14 days of paid vacation after a year of employment. In comparison with other countries, Americans have a raw deal when it comes to paid time off. This Statista infographic shows just steep the difference is per worker in each country.

Infographic: American Workers Have A Miserable Vacation Allowance  | Statista


Why it matters to you: Exploring how the total experience impacts your guests can be another path to success.

It should come as no shock that things like background music or the weight of your cutlery can specifically influence the experience a guest has at your restaurant. In an Oxford University study, researchers found that things like round desserts are perceived as sweeter and J Beeb’s music can ruin a perfectly good Italian dinner. Add to that the language you use on your menu and the whole thing can be overwhelming to an already busy restaurant operator.

Unfortunately, guests don’t care if you are too busy to address these issues. They are impacted by these factors whether you want to address them or not. That’s why your own research is imperative. We strongly encourage you to look at items like paint color, plate shape, and menu verbiage to ensure you have the most advantageous settings. So read the study and get cracking on how to improve your performance in these subtle, yet impactful, guest influencers.



Why it matters to you: Carl’s Jr. might need to pay millions in minimum wage violations.

We’ve discussed it before, minimum wage is a hot topic nationwide and is affecting restaurants left and right. In the latest news regarding the issue, the city of Los Angeles has accused top fast food chain Carl’s Jr. of severe minimum wage violations. LA is looking to seek $1.45 million in minimum wage damages that cover more than three dozen workers at franchise outlets across LA over a six-month period. The problem is believed to stem from a “payroll error” that has lost money from over many employees’ paychecks. From there, the company resolved the issue by distributing out their earnings later that equated to under the legal minimum wage mandated by the state.

More than $900,000 comes from penalties meant to go to the workers while more than half-million in further fines would be collected by the city directly. What appears to be a “payroll error” has snowballed into what is currently be a million-dollar loss. Carl’s Jr. hasn’t exactly had the cleanest track record with worker rights but this provides even more of an incentive to clean up their act. In addition to the controversy, LA’s restaurant scene is dealing with its own wage crisis as the city’s wages jump to $12 per hour as of last Saturday. The wage is expected to continue upwards until $15 by the year 2020.