The Daily Rail: Are You Liable If Someone Chokes?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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TECH: Mobile Technology Changes the Game for Restaurants

Mobile technology is changing the restaurant industry. Everything from how a guest finds out about a new restaurant to what they order, how long it takes them to get it, and even how restaurants are designed. As mobile becomes more prevalent, the technology purchased can drastically affect business.



Beer for ‘Merica

Budweiser is redesigning their look with customized beer cans and bottles celebrating the US states where Buds are brewed. As of this week, 11 states will be interchangeably featured on the cans to replace the word “Budweiser” and “King of Beers” with the state and its motto.


Drunk Thieves

Drunk people do the darndest things. Munchies featured an article where bar-goers describe the craziest things they’ve stolen from bars and just how they managed to sneak life-size décor out the door.  


Beer Trends That Need to Die

Craft beer styles, serving types, and packaging come with certain trends created by the brewers. According to 14 different brewers, these are the beer trends that need to die ASAP. Meat beers, that’s you.


Why it matters to you: are you liable if someone chokes in your restaurant?

There is a growing controversy in restaurants about whether servers should be certified in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver to aid in potential choking situations. This is exactly the topic being discussed in an Ohio restaurant called Skyline Chili, where a teenage dishwasher is being called a hero after saving a customer’s life. Last month, Austin, a 16-year-old dishwasher, administered CPR to a 74-year-old man who collapsed during his meal. Soon after, the man became responsive just as EMTs arrived at the scene. Austin was certified in CPR at his high school and did not hesitate to jump in and help revive someone in need. Skyline’s CEO and top executives are honoring Austin for his bravery.  

Some restaurants have put forth the effort to train all servers in the Heimlich maneuver as well as certify them in CPR specifically to react to incidents like the one at Skyline. Restaurants typically aren’t held responsible if someone chokes in their establishment, and if the staff is not equipped to help. Most often, if the staff phones 911 at the appropriate time, then they have fulfilled their duty to the customer. However, the best case scenario is having an employee on hand that can jump in to help until medics arrive. Overall this situation is viewed differently depending on the establishment and whether restaurant owners consider incorporating CPR training into current operations.  



Why it matters to you: Gamification of Employee Upselling is a measurably effective way of driving growth

With the real growth numbers for restaurants miring in a slump, operators have to go looking for sales building wherever they can find it. That’s why incentivizing your team to be better sales agents is such an obvious opportunity. There are multiple ways to structure a sales contest that will invigorate your team to sell better, but also make them feel more connected to the success of your restaurant. Whether it’s a random prize based on performance or a group reward, your team will respond when you give them an incentive.

Have we introduced you to Springzy? It’s an app that allows you to deploy staff incentive programs easily and comprehensively. This app integrates directly with your POS to make the results automatically available to you and your staff. You can create and run gamified sales content in minutes and your staff will get real-time feedback on their performance. Like any tool, you have to use it to realize its value. If you aren’t currently running any significant sales contests, then you should at least check out Springzy to see if they can grow your biz the way they have for so many other operators.