The Daily Rail: Would You Drink from a Tequila Fountain?

Friday, July 28, 2017


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SOCIAL MEDIA: How Restaurants Can Create Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat introduced a new feature that could potentially be a marketing goldmine for your sports bar or restaurant. Snapchat now allows users to create custom Geofilter overlays that are placed on top of photos and video clips that reflect your location. Here is a step-by-step guide on what they are and how to create them.




Tequila Fountain

In the midst of California’s drought, some water fountains have switched to tequila. Jose Cuervo rigged three water fountains in LA to shoot tequila for a day as a publicity stunt called “H2Cuervo.” Que the social media explosion of videos of people taking water fountain shots. Might be an unexpected surprise for a morning jogger.


Break-Out Video

Three California inmates escaped from an Orange County maximum security prison and filmed their escape on a phone, while also taking selfies on the roof of the facility. From there, the three men spent days on the run before getting caught and returning to prison.


Restaurant Secret Weapon

World chef and restaurateur, Jean-Georges Vongerichten runs restaurants in 18 cities around the world. In an article, he opens up about how social media helps him run his restaurants in addition to maintaining his brand with so many global operations.



Why it matters to you: Restaurant operators can’t be afraid to adjust course.

Many times restaurants find success in catering directly to their audience. This is a valuable aspect of operating a business where feedback can guide the restaurant’s path. A New Orleans restaurant is doing just that by reinventing its menu to attract the area’s frequent Airbnb renters. Café Henri in Bywater LA has changed their menu just six months after opening. The owners soon found they needed to match the trendy neighborhood vibe to attract the area’s Airbnb renters. Upon opening, Café Henri was originally considered a “dad restaurant” or a “comfort restaurant” with an old-school menu that visitors could easily find back home.

After the owners determined their restaurant wasn’t attracting tourists, they proceeded to switch to a fancier drink menu and bring in a respected chef to add a trendier taste of New Orleans. Since the redesign, sales have returned to levels that will keep the restaurant in business. The majority of Café Henri’s reviews are written by tourists and are collectively positive. As competition builds in the restaurant industry, business owners must remain resilient to change and adjust course accordingly to follow the path to success.  



Why it matters to you: You need a delivery POS primer.

Delivery is a much-discussed topic in our industry these days. As the competition for consumer food dollars continues to tighten, we all need to find new ways to deliver (pun intended) great experience and value to our customers. Certainly, we have been advocating that you get rolling on the out of the home experience to stay top of mind with your guests and add much-needed revenue to support house operations. Having a primer that will give you a starting point is important, however, you still have to manage your business specifically.

While the 3 red flags mentioned are relevant, they aren’t the only thing you have to consider. They are a starting point focused on the ordering experience. After that, you have to review your turnout systems, your food, and how well it will travel as well as the way you will package it for the guest. We have previously delivered some tips on implementing new technology and this is a great place to review the process so you don’t embark on an enterprise that could become a disaster. Plan your work, work your plan and ‘deliver’ on the promise your guests expect you to make.