The Daily Rail: Six Key Tips to Make Your Restaurant Succeed

Thursday, August 3, 2017


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BUSINESS: 7 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Are Not Restaurant Inventory Software

Spreadsheets are the primary way most restaurants run their businesses. Well, if you’re still using spreadsheets instead of inventory management software, you’re actually stealing from yourself. Here are 7 reasons why you really can’t afford to keep using them.




Gin and Crumpets

Queen Elizabeth is 91-years-old and has revealed her drinking schedule that consists of four cocktails a day. Shortly before lunch, she has a gin martini, during lunch she’ll have a glass of wine, then also at lunch another gin martini -- all before 1 pm. Her final drink of the day is a glass of champagne before bed. Perhaps the Queen is on to something.


No Mooching

In case you missed it, Anthony Scaramucci has been fired as the former Communications Director under the Trump Administration. Naturally, Villa Italian Kitchen is offering “The Mooch” special consisting of spaghetti with meatballs to be sold for just 11 days. The dish will be available to “all guests, including leakers and paranoics” at its US locations.


Groupon GrubHub Mashup

The popular deal site Groupon has recently partnered with GrubHub to bring discounted meals delivered to a user’s door. Groupon users can now order from GrubHub's restaurants via the Groupon platform with discounts applied right to their account. The deal is projected to bring in some serious cash money for both sides. Win win.  



Why it matters to you: You are more a part of your guest’s lives than you may realize.

We are so busy as restaurant operators and managers, we forget our business is about people first. Whether it’s guests, customers, vendors or staff, there is no ignoring we interact and impact a lot of folks in our day to day grind. This couldn’t have been more apparent than when a Cleveland area restaurant received a strange request for service. Turns out a woman that was battling pancreatic cancer (for a second time, ugh) wanted one piece of nostalgia as she lived her last few days in hospice. Emily Pomeranz originally from Ohio, but then living near DC asked Tommy’s Restaurant if they could ship her a Mocha Milkshake.

Tommy’s owner, Tommy Fello, jumped through some hoops and spent $123 of his own money to package and ship a milkshake to Emily, so she could relive her youth through this special connection. The story went viral, but not before Emily lost her battle with cancer. This is a perfect lesson in how connected your guests are to your business, even if you don’t realize it every day. We make memories, mark childhoods and share special days with so many folks that we can easily lose sight of how special that is. So, in memory of Emily, we heartily raise our milkshakes and toast to your last few moments having joy and Tommy’s part in making it special.



Why it matters to you: Here’s what you need to know for your restaurant to succeed.

The past few years have been instrumental in the restaurant industry. As competition increases, countless restaurants are offering popular food with great service, making customer retention less guaranteed. Nevertheless, establishments are still seeing an increase in revenue from previous years which can be a key indicator of the industry as a whole. According to a recent American Express survey of restaurant owners or managers, over half (54%) report higher revenue than a year ago, and 72% expect increased revenue in the coming year. So what exactly should restaurants keep in mind to get a cut of the profits? 

In an article from USA Today, there are six things that can make your restaurant successful. The first on the list is emphasizing the establishment's role in the community while also using local ingredients. That same survey found that 56% of customers feel it’s important for restaurants to source their ingredients from local farmers. Other tips include offering a takeout option (primarily for Millennials) and utilizing social media to encourage new diners. Overall, among the stiff competition among chains and independent restaurants, as long as operators follow these basic concepts, they will build their loyal customer base and see a rise in revenue.